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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Paul Walker's lookalike brother asked to play final scene of Paul Walker's part in Fast and Furious. (Photos)

Paul Walker's younger, lookalike brother, Cody Walker, has been asked to step in for him to film the final scenes for Fast & The Furious 7. The 40-year-old star was on a break from filming at the time of his death in a shocking car crash on November 30th. His remains was cremated on Thursday and he will be buried today in a private ceremony. 

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Fast & Furious team release touching YouTube tribute video to Paul Walker (Video)

Since the tragic and heartbreaking death of actor Paul Walker, i have been trying hard not to read or write about it because each time i see headlines with his name written on it, i choke and tears filled up my eyes. And to think he survived the accident but was burnt to death is even worse to swallow. 

If you are an american film addict like me, you would understand what it means to put yourself in an actor's character. In Fast and Furious, he was my favorite character and i so love putting myself in his shoes in all of his scenes. His smile was always contagious and even though i never met him in real life, i loved his person. In some of his random/caught off guard interviews, one would understand he is a real and down to earth person who never failed to smile with his eyes. I never met him and i'm so heartbroken over his death, i just can't imagine what his friends, family, girlfriend and daughter must have been going through. I so wish he cheated death in real life just like he did in his movies. May the soul of this wonderful angel who unknowingly touched so many lives rest in peace!

Meanwhile, i almost died yesterday but thanks to the giver of life, i'm still here and by his grace, i'm gonna be here for a very long time.
Watch Paul's tribute video from the crew of Fast and Furious after the cut:

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Nelson Mandela Is On Life Support , Family has Option To Switch It Off & Pray For Peaceful Perfect End.

Sources have it that 94 years old Nelson Mandela who has been very ill is on life support, he cannot breath unaided but a team of doctors are supporting him at a Pretoria hospital and his family had the option to switch off the ventilator.

According to a South African tribal chief, Phathekile Holomisa, "time is near for Nelson Mandela."

The traditional leader said "I'm of the view that if Madiba is no longer enjoying life and is on life support systems, and is not appreciating what is happening around him, i think the good Lord should take the decision to put him out of his suffering. I did speak to two of his family members, and of course, they are in a lot of pain, and wish that a miracle might happen, that he recovers again and become his old self again. But at the same time, they are aware that there is a limit to what miracles you can have."

Jacob Zuma, South African president, cancelled his trip to neighboring Mozambique on speculations about the deterioration of Mandela's life. Zuma made his decision not to leave the country after visiting the 94-years-old in the Pretoria hospital where he has been receiving treatment for a lung infection for nearly three weeks.