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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Best ways to survive fuel scarcity crisis in Nigeria

Fuel scarcity has caused so many damages to Nigerians in Nigeria and extreme measures are being taken to manage and contain the situation. Not only are the average Nigerians suffering, the upper class are suffering the crisis as well. Due to the scarcity of fuel, banks and radio stations across the country have started working half day, activities are being shut down due to shortage of power supply and it's also telling on communication networks across the country. 

To survive the fuel scarcity crisis, click HERE to learn some ways to manage the situation till it's contained. 

Monday, 11 February 2013

Naijaweirdness: Super Eagles Of Nigeria Don cause Wahala Oh!

While people were jubilating over Nigeria Super Eagle's victory yesterday, some people were fighting over same victory.
Someone sent me a conversation that caused a big drama between a boyfriend and a girlfriend and she wants to know if she was wrong.
Let me know your view after reading it. 
Do you think the guy is right or he just seized an opportunity to ditch her for valentine's day. lol

[2/10/13 11:22:04 PM] Guy: hola
[2/10/13 11:22:19 PM] Babe: hola
[2/10/13 11:22:27 PM] Guy: just got home
[2/10/13 11:22:31 PM] Guy: went to watch ball
[2/10/13 11:22:35 PM] Babe: ok
[2/10/13 11:22:39 PM] Babe: una win
[2/10/13 11:23:16 PM]Guy: yes oh
[2/10/13 11:23:30 PM] Babe: una try
[2/10/13 11:23:42 PM]Babe: i non fit go sitting room go watch am
[2/10/13 11:23:57 PM] Guy: ok
[2/10/13 11:24:31 PM]Babe: my friend say africans non sabi play football
[2/10/13 11:24:45 PM] Guy: if i slap am?
[2/10/13 11:25:21 PM]Babe: he said if Nigeria dat doesnt know how to play won d cup, dats to say Africans r lacking behind
[2/10/13 11:25:22 PM] Babe: lol
[2/10/13 11:26:08 PM] Guy: tell him he his d one lacking behind
[2/10/13 11:26:12 PM] Babe: na my friend from lagos tell me few mins ago when he called to check on me
[2/10/13 11:26:14 PM] Babe: lol
[2/10/13 11:26:24 PM] Guy: na real fool