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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Nigeria ranked 3rd among countries of kidnappers while Mexico & India top the list.

The proportion of global kidnappings from Latin America has halved since 2005, but Mexico still leads the pack, according to RiskMap 2014, a new report from Control Risks.

Asia and the Pacific had the most recorded kidnaps-for-ransom in 2013, up to 35% of global cases from 31% in 2012. Risks remain in Africa, especially in Nigeria where "the overwhelming majority of incidents taking place in the oil-producing Niger delta."

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Goals highlights from the Nigeria Vs Mexico World Cup U-17 finals match (Video)

Nigeria's Golden Eaglets won the FIFA U-17 World cup against Mexico 3 -0. The boys displayed an exceptional performance in the match. The first goal was scored by Musa Yahaya, while the second goal was scored by Kelechi Iheanacho and the final goal was scored through a free-kick by Mohammed Musa. At the end of the match, Nigeria U-17 won the world cup for the fourth time. Congrats Nigeria for making history.
Watch the highlights after the cut:

Friday, 8 February 2013

LMAO! Watch as a jeep gets struck atop 14ft U.S/Mexico border fence.

Humans are incredible and inventive. lol
Watch as a jeep gets struck over the 14-foots fence border dividing U.S and Mexico. It was left wedged atop the fence and it's smugglers flew back into Mexico. The U.S border patrol agents said it wasn't clear what they were smuggling into the U.S but they fell prey to their own devices.

OMG! Doctors Sterilized 9 years old girl who gave birth in Mexico against her family's wish.

The nine years old girl, Dafne, who gave birth on the 27th January in Mexico will never have another child in her life after she was sterilized against her family's wish by the doctor who delivered her baby. 
The hospital 'Zoquipan Hospital' in Guadalajara, is now being investigated by the local human rights commission.
Last night, the family took the new born baby which was named by the local newspaper as Maria de Los Angeles, fled their 7ft by 25ft breeze block home in taxi just hours before the police and local mayor showed up to speak with them.  Neighbours made shocking claims against the stepfather, including that he has been abusing one of his biological daughters and used to beat Dafne and share a bed and bath with her.
Dafne was 8 years old when she got pregnant and she didn't know she was pregnant until 7 months into it and her illiterate mother didn't know it was a criminal offense for a young child to have sex until she got to the hospital with the child in labour.

The baby daddy was at first thought to be Dafne's boyfriend who may be between the age of 15 to 17, but a DNA test is being carried out among all of her make relatives to confirm who is the dada amid shocking claims that the stepfather may have impregnated the child.