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Friday, 22 May 2015

An Irish mother lands on hospital bed after she discovered her son's girlfriend was black.

A 67 years old Irish woman, Mrs Margaret Doohan, was rushed to Athlone District Hospital last night after falling into what was described as 'catatonic state' when she discovered that her son's new girlfriend was black.

The woman had been expecting her son, Sean, to visit her with the new girlfriend he had been seeing for the past few months, but she was shocked to discover that her son's girlfriend was a black girl.

Struggling to appear undisturbed by her discovering while thinking about what her neighbours would say about her son's girlfriend, Suzanne Cassidy; she offered Suzanne a cup of coffee before her entire body began to seize up. 

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Boyfriend's 'I cheated' prank goes sour when girlfriend admits she also cheated on him. (Video)

YouTube prankster Roman Atwood made the claim he'd cheated on his girlfriend while they were celebrating their five year anniversary in Aruba. Through her sobs, his girlfriend said she too had an affair and the prankster became the pranked. lol Genius!

Watch the video after the cut:

Thursday, 7 November 2013

'I'm sorry I already have a boyfriend but you're my next choice when we break up' - Hilarious love letter found in an elementary school.

A schoolboy's love letter has become an online sensation after he received an hilariously pragmatic response from his heart's desire. The little boy's letter, which was posted to Reddit on Tuesday, begins: 'Dear Ashley - would you please be my girlfriend, I like you a lot.' 
He then, rather bravely, gives her three options - 'yes, no and maybe' - with an instruction to pick one.
Ashley promptly circles 'no' and replies that she can't be the letter-writer's girlfriend because she already has a boyfriend called Kyle. However the letter doesn't end there. Ashley adds that when she breaks up with Kyle, then the letter-writer is her next choice.
'P.S. that will proboby be a month or two,' she signs off. 

This letter takes me back memory lane lol. Little Ashley is surely a woman who knows what she wants? nicely done. I wonder if she will carry that on into adulthood. :-)
Read the full letter after the cut: