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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Mother Teresa set to be canonized to sainthood in 2016 by Pope Francis

Mother Teresa of Calcutta's elevation to sainthood has been set for September 2016, according to top Catholic cleric. Archbishop Salvatore Fisichella was on Tuesday quoted by Italian media as telling municipal officials in Rome that Pope Francis would canonise the nun celebrated for her work with the poor of Calcutta as part of the upcoming Jubilee Year declared by the pontiff.

A Vatican spokesman said however the canonisation had not yet been approved and it was premature to talk of this date having already been fixed.

A celebration of the memory of Teresa has been scheduled for September 5, 2016 as part of the Jubilee programme of events. Fisichella said she would be canonised the day before, on September 4. A canonisation would take planning, as more than 300,000 pilgrims came to Rome for Teresa's beatification ceremony in 2003. Beatification is a first step towards sainthood.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

The touching moment Pope Francis halted his weekly audience to kiss and hold disfigured man with 'Elephant Man' disease(Photos)

These are photos of the pontiff embracing a disfigured man suffering from a rare genetic disease called neurofibromatosis. The pictures have gone viral with commenters praising the pope for his compassion. Since being elected to the Holy See earlier this year, the pontiff has made headlines around the world by washing the feet of juvenile delinquents, personally calling distraught worshipers on the phone and inviting homeless people to dine at St Peter's Square.
He is truly a man after God's heart.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Pope Francis Admits The Existence of Gay Lobby In The Vatican.

After months of speculations about the existence of a gay lobby inside the vatican's secretive administration, Pope Francis finally came out to acknowledge it. 

Speaking during an audience with Latin American Catholics, the Pope reveals that there was a current of corruption in the roman Curia and also admitted the existence of a long rumored gay lobby in the curia and hinted that he might take a action over the issue.

Speaking in his native Spanish last Thursday, the 76-years-old Pope said "There is talk of a gay lobby and it's true, it exists. We will have to see what we can do. It will be difficult because i cannot carry out the reforms myself." he said, explaining that he was "very disorganized."

The task will be handled by a commission of eight cardinals from around the world whom Pope Francis appointed in April to help him govern the catholic Church.