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Sunday, 15 December 2013

"We steal because you never stoned US for It" - Governor Rotimi Amaechi quoted. (Video)

At a tribute event held in Lagos for late Nelson Mandela, Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, said Nigerians have not shown enough aggression or resistance against stealing, crime and corruption by political leaders. He said that political office holders steal public fund because citizens have not confronted or stoned them (including himself) for the act.
In his word, he said "If you see a thief and you allow him to thief, what do you do?...You have stoned nobody that's why we are stealing." He continued by saying "If you don't take your destiny into your hands, we will go and other leaders will come and they will continue to steal".
Watch the video after the cut:

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Orhionmwon LGA Chairman & 12 councillors suspended for abandoning their duties for holiday in Italy.

Hon. Roland Ibierutomwen the chairman of Orhiomwon LGA of Edo State has been suspended from office and all documents in his possession are to be handed to his vice with immediate effect. Hon. Roland Ibierutomwen was suspended along with his vice chairman, secretary of the local government and twelve elected councillors of the local government for abandoning their duties at Abudu for a trip to Italy without following due process.

On wednesday 13th Nov. the angry youths of Oriomwon Youth Congress (OYC) came out to speak and stand up for themselves by preventing the flow of traffic in protest over the corrupt activities of Hon. Roland Ibierutomwen, the L.G Chairman of the Orhiomwon, who travelled to Italy with his wife, daughter, secretary of the local government and 12 elected councillors at the expense of public fund.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Court Remanded Mr Abdulrasak Momoh, Edo State Lawmaker Over Unlawful Possession Of Firearm.

An Auchi Magistrate Court yesterday ordered the remand of Mr. Abdulrasak Momoh, a member of the Edo State House of Assembly, in prison for unlawful possession of firearm. The lawmaker who represents Estako West Constituency 1 in the House fo Assembly was arrested on April 20 at Agbede, on the day of Edo state Local Government Election.

Magistrate Caroline Nwoha had on May 2 remanded Mr Momoh in police custody instead of prison on health grounds as prayed by his counsel, Mr Olayiwola Afolabi. 

The police prosecutor, represented by Mr. Daniel Mato had also prayed for the case to be heard in the State High Court, adding that the charge had nothing to do with electoral offence. He added that it was only a mere coincidence that the offence was committed that same day the council polls took place. 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Video shock: Silvio Belusconi made a sheep of himself in italian radio program "A day to be sheep"

Silvio Berlusconi, ex-prime minister of Italy was a host yesterday at the radio 2 program "Un giorno da pecora" meaning "a day to be sheep" and despite intelligently trying to be on the defensive side, the crew outsmarted him and ended up making a fool out of him by asking him to hail his eternal rival football team, Inter Milan. He actually did hailed them at the 1:09 minutes by saying "with great happiness i say 'Forza Inter!'"

Being the smart politician that he is, he started playing politics when the crew asked him to say "Mafia is bad & irritating" lol

Anyway, they really made a sheep out of him by pressing him to say what he never would have said. lol

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

LMAO! Christiane Amankpour Of CNN Mocks President Goodluck Jonathan Of Nigeria On Electricity.

I'm officially a fan of Christiane Amanpour! This woman sure knows how to deal with and bring out the legs of politicians like Nigerian's president GEJ. The last interview she had with him, he lied about Nigerians being happy with the electricity, but guess what, something happened at the Super bowl that brought out the issue and you trust Nigerians can never fail to make reference in such things.
Watch this video, you will get the full gist and cannot help but love this woman.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

#Nigerian #Politician Are #Thieves! #Comrade Adams #Oshiomole Is A Wolf In Sheep Clothing.

I drove pass Mega filling station along sapele road and and saw some kids selling Oranges, I was drawn to the kids and asked them why they are not in school at this hour and they replied that they need to sell those oranges to be able to afford what to eat for the day.. 

I asked the children where they were from and to my greatest shock they both replied Edo state, one of them said the mother was very sick and her father was deceased and she had to sell oranges everyday to be able to look after her dying mother and also that she stopped going to school since primary 2.... 

Now Analyze this: A government spends billions of Niara buying SUVs for the already rich class of Edo state while the poorest, most vulnerable and impoverished people of the state are left to continue to wallow in poverty and total neglect.