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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Nigeria ranked 3rd among countries of kidnappers while Mexico & India top the list.

The proportion of global kidnappings from Latin America has halved since 2005, but Mexico still leads the pack, according to RiskMap 2014, a new report from Control Risks.

Asia and the Pacific had the most recorded kidnaps-for-ransom in 2013, up to 35% of global cases from 31% in 2012. Risks remain in Africa, especially in Nigeria where "the overwhelming majority of incidents taking place in the oil-producing Niger delta."

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Kidnappers kidnapped ex super eagle footballer's father and demand N50 Million ransom.

Former Nigerian central defender, Chikelue lloenyosi's dad, Chief James Chikelue lloenyosi has been kidnapped at his country home, Abagana in Njikoka Local Government Area, Anambra State James Iloenyosi, was kidnapped on his way back from the church on Monday morning by armed men in a Toyota Camry car. The family has established contact with the kidnappers who have put forward a whopping N50 million price tag as a precondition for his release.

Chikelue spoke with newsmen saying:

Thursday, 7 November 2013

BUSTED! An alleged kidnapper caught with a dead child inside his luggage. (Graphic photos + video)

The way Nigerians are going with kidnapping, killing, rituals e.t.c is alarming. The man being beaten by the angry mob in the pictures was caught with a dead child hidden inside the luggage he was carrying. It's unclear where it happened in Nigeria but thanks to the soldiers who were present at the scene, the man was not burnt to death by the mob. 
Parents, plz watch out for your kids and be very careful who you leave them with.
See more of the pix after the cut:

Friday, 19 July 2013

Gunmen Kidnapped A British Man & Shot Driver In Lagos International Airport, Nigeria.

Gunmen hijacked a four-wheel drive car at about 7.30pm yesterday after it left Lagos airport's international terminal and kidnapped a British man. The Nigerian driver of the vehicle was shot but he survived.

The British high commission said in a statement today that they are working closely with other security agencies to secure the release of the hostage and added that further details will not be revealed because of the nature of the incident.

Many major companies with British connections operate in Nigeria including oil giant Royal Dutch Shell, British Airways, Unilever and PricewaterhouseCoopers; but it is not known where the kidnapped man was employed.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

SHOCKER! Man Kidnapped Best Friend Over Jealousy In Lagos.

Kingsley Ifeanyi could not believe his ears when his bosom friend Jimoh Olalere confessed to having masterminded his kidnapping. Ifeanyi’s family was a worried lot and could not go round why anyone would have any interest in kidnapping an ‘ordinary’ man.

Their answers were answered Monday when ten suspected kidnappers were arrested by the Lagos State Police. They are said to be behind a series of kidnappings at Ibeju-Lekki and its environs.

To the amazement of everyone present, one of the ten, Jimoh Olalere confessed to have masterminded Ifeanyi’s kidnap out of jealousy.

Jimoh says a quarrel started between him and his bosom friend following the sale of two plots of land by the latter and his alleged refusal to part with some money. He said:
"I sold two plots of land to Ifeanyi at the rate of N550,000 each. At the end of the deal, he was supposed to pay me some money because he sold the land at a higher rate to the buyer.

When I accosted him, he told me to go to hell that he did not get much from the sale. But that has been the custom in my area. This resulted in a heated argument that almost led to a fight.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Gov. Adams Oshiomole Visited The Guys Who Kidnapped Supreme Court Justice's Wife (Photos)

Three members of a gang that kidnapped the wife, daughter and driver of a Judge of the Supreme Court, Justice Bode Rhodes-Vivour, in May, this year, were among seven suspects paraded by the State Security Services in Benin City, today.

The other suspects paraded were three extortionists who threatened to kill their victim if he didn’t pay up and a musician who was paraded for trafficking in persons.

The State Director of the SSS, Mr. Bello Bakori who paraded the suspects before the Governor and the Press said the suspects had confessed to the crimes and that three members of the kidnappers of the Judge’s wife are still at large.

He said Mrs. Rhodes-Vivour and her daughter were kept in a house in Upper Sokponba, area of Benin City from where the kidnap suspects were arrested. All the kidnap suspects were from Delta State while the trafficker in persons is from Edo State.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Protest In Benin City Over Okada Ban By Edo State Governor. (Photos)

The Edo State bike ridders are on rampage after gov. Adams Oshiomhole banned the use of commercial motocycle citing that it's the major means kidnappers use for kidnapping in Edo state.

What i was expecting the comrade governor to do was to ban Okada in some major streets in Benin City to reduce traffic and accident not the total ban of Okada. I say corruption & alcohol has killed more Edo people than Okada. Ban corruption not okada.

Meanwhile, gov. Oshiomhole's ban on okada has nothing to do with the reasons he gave, it has more to do with the billions of naira ha and his agents will make from a deal with the chinese to replace okada with keke Napep in urban areas of Edo State. 

Keke Napep cannot employ 5% of okada riders that will be affected by this fraud. Or where the Okada men the people that committed the electoral genocide in April 2013? Below is a list of people that were kidnapped in Edo State and none of them were kidnapped by okada riders.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Governor Oshiomhole Bans Commercial Motocycle In Three LGA In Benin City.

Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has banned the use of commercial motocycle popularly known as Okada in Benin City with effect from next Monday. 

The governor announced the ban to newsmen this morning after this week's security meeting, stating that the ban is limited to three local government areas which are Ikpoba Okha, Oredo and Egor Local Government Area. He added that it is now increasingly evident that many of the kidnappers in the state are Okada riders and that the state has become a haven for criminals and other okada riders who migrated to Edo State following similar bans in other states.

He appealed to the Okada riders to bear with the government as they were compelled to make this decision. 

He also said that the security agencies have resolved to commerce random checks of the private security personnel employed by residents in the state to determine if they are Nigerians and have valid papers to reside in the country as it has been discovered that they have largely been the informants in cases of kidnapping.
He advised residents of the state to properly scrutinize those they employ as helps and security personnel.

#Na wa oh! Okada ban when there is no single industry or establishment in the state to employ  the unemployed. My heart bleeds for the thousands of bread winners and their families whose livelihood has just ended. I think this is a way of turning the state into a haven of criminal activities.
Is this a way of reducing crime or increasing it?