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Sunday, 15 December 2013

"We steal because you never stoned US for It" - Governor Rotimi Amaechi quoted. (Video)

At a tribute event held in Lagos for late Nelson Mandela, Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, said Nigerians have not shown enough aggression or resistance against stealing, crime and corruption by political leaders. He said that political office holders steal public fund because citizens have not confronted or stoned them (including himself) for the act.
In his word, he said "If you see a thief and you allow him to thief, what do you do?...You have stoned nobody that's why we are stealing." He continued by saying "If you don't take your destiny into your hands, we will go and other leaders will come and they will continue to steal".
Watch the video after the cut:

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

John McCain compares President Obama to Hitler for shaking hands with Cuban President (Photos)

This is the reason why people should stop voting anyone over the age of 50 into political office. These old timers are still fighting wars that happen over 50 years ago. Let's move on people. For goodness sake who are we to judge with all the violence and nasty videos that is shown via the internet. it's really sad.
According to MSNBC
John McCain knows about friendly contact with dictators. 
That’s the best explanation for the Arizona senator’s attack on President Obama Tuesday for shaking hands with Cuban President Raul Castro at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service in South Africa. 
“It just gives Raul some propaganda to continue to prop up his dictatorial brutal regime,” McCain told Public Radio International. And then the money quote: “Neville Chamberlain shook hands with Hitler.” 
It was inevitable Obama would take some heat for shaking hands with Castro. But the level of vitriol from McCain is genuinely surprising.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

"A giant of history" - A must watch President Obama's rousing tribute to Nelson Mandela. (Video)

wow....what a speech!
To read the speech script, click HERE

Photo of the day! President Obama takes a selfie with David Cameron & Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

At the memorial service of late Nelson Mandela in South Africa, David Cameron and Barack Obama took a picture of themselves alongside Denmark's prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Who would have guess these world leaders are into selfie? It's fun to have fun!

American rapper 'The Game' honours Nelson Mandela with a huge tattoo (Photos)

American rapper, The Game, has inked some art on his skin in tribute to the late great Nelson Mandela whose passing has dealt the world a heavy blow. The rapper inked himself and captioned it:
“The finished “Nelson Mandela” lookin out of the prison bars by @NikkoHurtado done on my side. 7 hour sitting…. Few more hours to tie in the tats around it & we solid. #NelsonMandela #RIP #Legend #Leader #Freedom #Peace #Equality #Tattoos #SouthAfrica”
See more pix after the cut:

"A giant of history" - President Obama's rousing tribute to Nelson Mandela. (Read full speech)

Barack Obama today paid an emotional tribute to Nelson Mandela, calling the late South African leader a 'giant of history'. Mr Obama opened his speech by thanking Mandela's family, then continued: 'To the people of South Africa - people of every race and walk of life - the world thanks you for sharing Nelson Mandela with us. 'His struggle was your struggle. His triumph was your triumph. Your dignity and hope found expression in his life, and your freedom, your democracy is his cherished legacy.'

He continued: 'Mandela taught us the power of action, but also ideas; the importance of reason and arguments; the need to study not only those you agree with, but those who you don't.' Referring to the anti-apartheid icon's friendship with his own prison warders, the President said: 'It took a man like Madiba to free not just the prisoner, but the gaoler as well.'

He also spoke out against the dictators from countries such as Zimbabwe and China who pay lip service to Mandela's legacy while repressing their own people, saying: 'There are too many of us who happily embrace Madiba's legacy of racial reconciliation, but passionately resist even modest reforms that would challenge chronic poverty and growing inequality.

'There are too many leaders who claim solidarity with Madiba's struggle for freedom, but do not tolerate dissent from their own people. And there are too many of us who stand on the sidelines, comfortable in complacency or cynicism when our voices must be heard.'

Mr Obama concluded: 'We will never see the likes of Nelson Mandela again. But let me say to the young people of Africa, and young people around the world - you can make his life's work your own.'

Read the full speech after the cut:

Fans diss Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon calling him a 'political prostitute' after he pays tribute to Nelson Mandela.

The chief of staff to Edo State governor, Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon, was called a political prostitute by a Nigerian after he paid tribute to late Nelson Mandela. It all happened when he tweeted a quote about courage by Nelson Mandela; and a fan asked him if it was the type of courage he displayed when 'Edo Widow' was being insulted by the state governor Comrade Adams Oshiomhole.
Hon Patrick Obahiagbon who happened to be at the scene of the incident didn't react to the news when it went viral, but he was quick to shield himself from the blames when someone attacked him via twitter, saying standing at the scene didn't make him guilty.
In honour of Nelson Mandela, Hon Patrick Obahiagbon tweeted:

Monday, 9 December 2013

Didier Drogba risks fine over tribute to late Nelson Mandela & says he'd do it again.

Galatasaray pair Didier Drogba and Emmanuel Eboue will be punished by the Turkish FA (TFF) for the Nelson Mandela tributes that followed their team's 2-0 victory over Elazigspor on Friday. Former Chelsea striker Drogba paid his respects to the late former South African president and freedom fighter, who died on Thursday 5th december at the ripe age of 95, by removing his Gala jersey to reveal a vest which reads "Thank You Madiba".

Drogba's fellow Ivorian Eboue, formerly of Arsenal, followed suit, donning a vest which read "Rest In Peace Nelson Mandela".The Turkish FA plans to summon both players before a disciplinary committee as part of a wider crackdown on imagery and messages that they deem to be political, with a fine or a likely sanction.

Drogba has already replied them saying he will do it over and over again.

Is his tribute really political?

Friday, 6 December 2013

Musical tribute to global icon - R.I.P Nelson Mandela (Videos)

Nelson Mandela's first ever interview.

More video after the cut:

Nelson Mandela - The freedom fighter, prisoner, president & global icon's life in picture.

NELSON MANDELA 1918 - 2013: Freedom fighter, prisoner, president, global icon - the world mourns passing of the man who freed his country and became an inspiration to billions. 

Rolihlahla Dalibhunga Mandela was born in the village of Mvezo, in the Transkei on 18 July, 1918. His father, a member of the Thembu clan, has three other wives in addition to Rolihlahla's mother, and 12 other sons and daughters.

1960 69 peaceful protesters are killed by police in the Sharpeville Massacre; in the aftermath the ANC is banned, prompting Mandela to go into hiding. While in hiding he forms an underground military group with armed resistance

1962 After living on the run for seventeen months he is arrested on August 5 and imprisoned in the Johannesburg Fort. On October 25 he is sentenced to five years in prison but again goes on the run

1964 On June 12 Mandela is captured and convicted of sabotage and treason. He is sentenced to life imprisonment at the age of 46, initially on Robben island where he would be kept for 18 years

RIP Nelson Mandela "Your 'I Have A Dream' speech was so inspiring" - Paris Hilton tweeted.

The above tweet went viral as soon as it hit the internet and people thought Paris Hilton was really as dumb as to mistake Martin Luther King for Nelson Mandela. The socialite was quick to debunk the fake tweet and she wrote "Whoever made that stupid fake tweet lacks respect to the loss the world is mourning right now. Same goes for all the blogs who ran with it."
You can only imagine the insult she got before she debunked the tweet. lol

A Legend is gone! Nelson Mandela dies at 95! + President Jacob Zuma's goodbye speech.

After 5 months of fighting lung infection in South Africa, the world legend finally said goodbye. Nelson Mandela, the South Africa's first black president, died in his Johannesburg home in South Africa at the ripe age of 95.
South Africa's president Jacob Zuma announced the long expected death in a special television broadcast last night. He said "Our nation has lost its greatest son."

My fellow South Africans, our beloved Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, the founding president of our democratic nation has departed. He passed on peacefully in the company of his family around 20.50 on December 5 2013.

He is now resting. He is now at peace. Our nation has lost its greatest son. Our people have lost a father. Although we knew that this day would come, nothing can diminish our sense of a profound and enduring loss. His tireless struggle for freedom earned him the respect of the world. His humility, his compassion, and his humanity earned him their love. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Mandela family. To them we owe a debt of gratitude. They have sacrificed much and endured much so that our people could be free.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Trailer For Nelson Mandela's Biopic "Long Walk To Freedom" Is Out (Video)

A first glimpse of the long awaited movie that tells the extraordinary story of Nelson Mandela's life"Mandela Long Walk To Freedom" is out. The movie tells the extraordinary story of Mandela's life, from his childhood in the rural village to being imprisoned on Robben Island and then becoming the first democratically elected president of South Africa in 1994.

Idris Elba plays the the part of Nelson Mandela while Naomie Harris plays Winnie Mandela in the biopic.

The first words from the movie are "I have walked the long walk to freedom. It has been a long walk and it is not over yet."

Elba is already the favourite to win an Oscar for the film in 2014. Even though he has never met Mandela but he said "It meant so much to me, it's such a massive opportunity to be part of a true legend's life and more importantly, the film re-educates people on this legend. I never met Mr. Mandela because he was very ill, so our interpretation of him was without his personal influence. But the script is such a good script and obviously it comes from his book, and the book speaks for itself."
Elba admits he looks nothing like Mandela but judging by the trailer, he certainly studied Mandela's voice.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

See The Prison Where Nelson Mandela Served His Prison Term. (Photos)

This is Nelson Mandela in 2003. He was photographed outside his former prison cell while speaking during a press conference on Robben Island, off the coast of Cape Town in South Africa. From mid 1960s to 1991, the Island served as maximum security prison and was used in housing political offenders.
Nelson Mandela was imprisoned at Robben Island Prison in the cell shown below. And in 1990, he was freed from prison.
Until 1996, the Island was used as a medium security prison for criminal offenders but the last of the political prisoners on Robben Island were released in 1991.
More pix after the cut:

Nelson Mandela Is On Life Support , Family has Option To Switch It Off & Pray For Peaceful Perfect End.

Sources have it that 94 years old Nelson Mandela who has been very ill is on life support, he cannot breath unaided but a team of doctors are supporting him at a Pretoria hospital and his family had the option to switch off the ventilator.

According to a South African tribal chief, Phathekile Holomisa, "time is near for Nelson Mandela."

The traditional leader said "I'm of the view that if Madiba is no longer enjoying life and is on life support systems, and is not appreciating what is happening around him, i think the good Lord should take the decision to put him out of his suffering. I did speak to two of his family members, and of course, they are in a lot of pain, and wish that a miracle might happen, that he recovers again and become his old self again. But at the same time, they are aware that there is a limit to what miracles you can have."

Jacob Zuma, South African president, cancelled his trip to neighboring Mozambique on speculations about the deterioration of Mandela's life. Zuma made his decision not to leave the country after visiting the 94-years-old in the Pretoria hospital where he has been receiving treatment for a lung infection for nearly three weeks.