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Sunday, 15 December 2013

"We steal because you never stoned US for It" - Governor Rotimi Amaechi quoted. (Video)

At a tribute event held in Lagos for late Nelson Mandela, Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, said Nigerians have not shown enough aggression or resistance against stealing, crime and corruption by political leaders. He said that political office holders steal public fund because citizens have not confronted or stoned them (including himself) for the act.
In his word, he said "If you see a thief and you allow him to thief, what do you do?...You have stoned nobody that's why we are stealing." He continued by saying "If you don't take your destiny into your hands, we will go and other leaders will come and they will continue to steal".
Watch the video after the cut:

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Photo Of The Day! Honorable Chidi Lloyd Caught In Lies.

Honorable should hide his face for all these lies and for trying to fool Nigerians.

Dishonorable Honorable Chidi Lloyd Claims He Was Almost Killed Whereas He Almost Killed Someone. (Photos & Video)

River State House of Assembly leader, dishonorable honorable Chidi Lloyd, shared his own version of the brutal incident that happened yesterday in the House Of Assembly. Click HERE read the full gist and watch the shameless actions of Nigeria lawmakers. 

I'm speechless! How did these hoodlums become politicians? How can a lawless man make laws for the people? 
I beg, watch the video and the previous post and see to what extent Nigeria has fallen. 
See the pictures of him at the hospital and watch the video after the cut:

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Watch The Shocking & Brutal Video Of what Happened In Rivers State House of Assembly.

The political mayhem in the entire River State, South-south Nigeria took another dimension on Tuesday July 9. The speaker of the state House of Assembly was impeached in a blood-related saga. The house symbol of Authority, "Mace" was broken, computer sets used by members of the Assembly were seen destroyed. Physical combats among pro and anti so-called ex-speaker ensued.

The man in white caftan and red cap is Hon Chidi Lloyd. Pro Amechi and majority leader. The guy they were beating is Hon Voko a pro Wike.

In an interview with Channel O, Hon Chidi Lloyd said he was almost killed, whereas he was the killer.

It's unbelievable and a big shame that Nigeria lawmakers are doing this. Hoodlums and killers in the corridor of power and people with no educational background as advisers to the governors. I wonder how these hoodlums will come up with a brilliant ideas to better Nigeria...., a country where education is no longer in vogue; be brutal and you will surely get government patronage and recognition. What a shame!
Watch the attack video and the aftermath video after the cut and see for yourself:

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Confirmation Letter Of Gov. Rotimi Amaechi's $100,000 Donation Towards OJB's Kidney Transplant.

For all those doubting the authenticity of Gov. Rotimi Amaechi's donation towards the treatment of OJB, here is a letter to confirm it.

Dear All,

Few hours after we made public the fact that the Gov.of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi approved the 100K USD for OJB's health issue,It came to me as a rude shock that a young man who seems to have no interest of OJB @ heart went viral to debunk the story. 

It is funny how our so called Entertainers exhibit their shallow mindedness publicly,the information confirming the donation was laced with my name,that of Jazzman Olofin and even the Political Editor of Thisday Newspaper, Wale Olaleye. One would av expected Mr. Nomoreloss will seek knowledge on the matter and make confirmations b4 rushing to issue any statement.

Gov. Rotimi Amaechi Approved $100,000 For OJB's Treatment Then Had A Tragic Car Accident. (Photos)

Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi, has approved the sum of $100.000 which happens to be the total money expected to get Music Producer, OJB, the kidney transplant he needs.

The initiative was muted by Jazzman Olofin, and MetroNews Online publisher Femi Davies,contact was made to the Gov via the Political Editor of Thisday,Wale Olaleye.

The Gov promptly approved the total expected sum which will be handed over to OJB by Friday July 5,2013.

Meanwhile, while he was on his way to the Port Harcourt International Airport yesterday, a suspicious vehicle rammed into his convoy along Igwuruta road. The incident was caused by a Toyota Avensis with Lagos registration number AAA 767 AQ. No one was harmed in the incident but the driver of the vehicle was immediately handed to the police.

Thank God for his safety, aside being a drama filled governor, he is also a governor with a great heart.
See the pix of the accident scene after the cut: