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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Footballer Emmanuel Adebayor gives heartbreaking details about his family drama

After so many news of the drama in Togo national football team and Tottenham Hotspur football club player, Emmanuel Adebayor's family, the African footballer came clean yesterday to address the issue and tell it all. The footballer poured his heart out to his fans via Facebook about the sad and heartbreaking drama that has been going on in his family. Overtime, Adebayor was condemned because of the one sided story that was published on the media by his family; now same people can read his own side of the story and be the judge. Please get your popcorn and tissue paper close to you because it a real tragedy. 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Ah..Some families sha...! Is this marrying out or selling out bride?

Ladies what would you do if your family comes up with this kind of list and your fiancé cannot afford it? Would you rather remain in your father's house or elope with your fiancé? If such a list is given to my brothers, i will advise them to pass even if they can afford it. lol

Thursday, 4 July 2013

FAMILY: Is It Right To Flog Children? Watch This Video And Learn From It (A Must watch video)

James and Harry have killed me with laughter oh.....i just can't stop myself from lol. The 'Two Angry Men' discuss whether it's right or wrong to spoil the child and spare the in, if it's right to reach for the cane and flog the nyash of a stubborn child.

They both narrated many of their childhood stories where they were asked to paint the school wall with turbine, clean the school toilets with a sponge or count grains of rice and garri for your mother. lollll

Meanwhile, with the introduction of child rights and protection, spanking is now considered one of the things that leads to increased aggression in a child. 

Take a look at the children around today, either rich or poor, majority of them are spoilt. Parents are helpless for the kind of children they breed nowadays and even teachers are scared. Kids flaunting dangerous weapons and the increase in violence in cults and gangs in Nigeria schools is alarming.

When i was growing up, there was nothing like "you are grounded" grounded wetin? Let's forget that oyinbo level oh....the violence and wickedness an African child portrays, oyinbo child cannot imagine it.