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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Mother Teresa set to be canonized to sainthood in 2016 by Pope Francis

Mother Teresa of Calcutta's elevation to sainthood has been set for September 2016, according to top Catholic cleric. Archbishop Salvatore Fisichella was on Tuesday quoted by Italian media as telling municipal officials in Rome that Pope Francis would canonise the nun celebrated for her work with the poor of Calcutta as part of the upcoming Jubilee Year declared by the pontiff.

A Vatican spokesman said however the canonisation had not yet been approved and it was premature to talk of this date having already been fixed.

A celebration of the memory of Teresa has been scheduled for September 5, 2016 as part of the Jubilee programme of events. Fisichella said she would be canonised the day before, on September 4. A canonisation would take planning, as more than 300,000 pilgrims came to Rome for Teresa's beatification ceremony in 2003. Beatification is a first step towards sainthood.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Pastor Chris Okotie says "All catholics are going to hell, Pope Francis is Antichrist & a Satanist!"

Twice divorced Pastor Chris Okotie in a sermon at his Household of God Church in Ikeja, waged war on Catholics when he said "All Catholics in the world will go to hell because they worship Satan and are led by an Anti-Christ Pope who is a friend to the devil"

The 55 year old former presidential candidate is reported to have said the current Pope, Pope Francis is an Anti-Christ who does the job of the devil and that time is fast approaching when the Catholic church will pledge allegiance to Satan. According to PM News
Chris Okotie, told his congregation on Sunday, leaving members bewildered, while preaching in his Household of God Church in Ikeja area of Lagos, western Nigeria, when he said the Catholic church is “a counterfeit church set up by Satan” and that Catholics “bow to idols and crucify Jesus every Sunday when they eat bread claiming they are eating Jesus’ body.” 

Thursday, 7 November 2013

The touching moment Pope Francis halted his weekly audience to kiss and hold disfigured man with 'Elephant Man' disease(Photos)

These are photos of the pontiff embracing a disfigured man suffering from a rare genetic disease called neurofibromatosis. The pictures have gone viral with commenters praising the pope for his compassion. Since being elected to the Holy See earlier this year, the pontiff has made headlines around the world by washing the feet of juvenile delinquents, personally calling distraught worshipers on the phone and inviting homeless people to dine at St Peter's Square.
He is truly a man after God's heart.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Pope Francis suspends German luxury bishop amid scandal of lavish spending.

Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst has come under fire for spending tens of millions of euros building a lavish official residence. He has been ordered to leave his diocese amid scandal over his alleged lavish spending by Pope Francis.

His new private residence will cost €31m and include a €15,000 bathtub, furnishings worth €380,000 and a garden that came with a €783,000 bill. But the "bling bishop" of Limburg is unlikely ever to enjoy the benefits of his luxurious new home, after he was temporarily suspended from his post by the pope yesterday.

In a press statement, the Vatican said it had been confronted with a situation in which 53 years old Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst "could not follow his duty as bishop" and had decided to allow him "some time outside the diocese". A final verdict on the bishop's future is expected after the completion of an internal investigation into the Limburg building project. Tebartz-van Elst has come under increasing criticism since the estimated cost of his new residence described by some newspapers as "palatial" rose to €31m (£26m) earlier this month.

He is also facing legal action for allegedly lying under oath about a first-class flight to India, in a row with the news magazine Der Spiegel.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

SCANDAL: I Was Hypnotized, I Didn't Rape Her, It Was A Fast Sex - Bishop Chibuike Nwabueze

Chairman of All Bishops in Rivers State, Bishop Chibuike Nwabueze, who was arrested for allegedly raping a 15-year old girl, was paraded by the state Police Command on Tuesday.

The Bishop confessed to the crime in the presence of journalists but claimed that:

He was hypnotized, adding that he was set up by the pastor of the church where the incident occurred as it seems some of those interested in his position don't like him.

OluFamous.Com gathered that Bishop Nwabueze claimed that it was not rape but just sex that happened so fast. He claimed she removed her clothes after he finished praying for her in the office and before he could shout ‘the blood of Jesus,’ he was already on top of the girl, having sex with her.

The Bishop insisted that he was set up by his fellow Bishop, who are contesting for the post of Chairman of All Bishops in the state with him.

Nwabueze, who was paraded at the Rivers State Criminal Investigation department, SCID, Port Harcourt, said anybody could have fallen a victim of what happened to him.

He described as untrue, allegation that he made the girl abort a pregnancy from the incident. According to him, it was the girl’s father that did it but he took care of the bill.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Pope Francis Admits The Existence of Gay Lobby In The Vatican.

After months of speculations about the existence of a gay lobby inside the vatican's secretive administration, Pope Francis finally came out to acknowledge it. 

Speaking during an audience with Latin American Catholics, the Pope reveals that there was a current of corruption in the roman Curia and also admitted the existence of a long rumored gay lobby in the curia and hinted that he might take a action over the issue.

Speaking in his native Spanish last Thursday, the 76-years-old Pope said "There is talk of a gay lobby and it's true, it exists. We will have to see what we can do. It will be difficult because i cannot carry out the reforms myself." he said, explaining that he was "very disorganized."

The task will be handled by a commission of eight cardinals from around the world whom Pope Francis appointed in April to help him govern the catholic Church.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Scandal continues to rock the Catholic Church as Cardinal Keith O'Brien admits to sexual misconduct.

Scandal continues to rock the Catholic Church as 74 years old former Cardinal Keith O'Brien, who stepped down from his post as Archbishop of St Andrew's and Edinburgh, following allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviour, has today admitted his to have lived a sexual life that fell well below the standards expected of a priest.

He also apologized and asked for forgiveness, adding that he will no longer participate in anything regarding the Catholic Church.
He said, "In recent days, certain allegations which have been made against me have become public. Initially, their anonymous and non specific nature led me to context them. 
However, I wish to take this opportunity to admit that there have been times that my sexual conduct has fallen below the standards expected of me as a priest, archbishop and cardinal. 
To those i have offended, i apologize and ask forgiveness. To the Catholic Church and people of Scotland, i also apologize. I will now spend the rest of my life in retirement. I will play no further part in the public life of the catholic Church of Scotland."
 Ex cardinal Keith tendered his resignation to the now ex Pope Benedict XVI in November, citing age and indifferent health. His resignation was accepted by the now ex Pope on February 18th, but was announced on Monday 25th that it was taking place with immediate effect.

Uhm....'old age and indifferent health' .....Does that sound familiar? uhmmmmm...YES! The now ex pope gave same excuse for resignation. uhmmmm....Christianity gone wrong!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Hilarious Pope Benedict XVI Facebook Comments.

This pope issue is really bringing out the hilarious side of most people. lol

LMAO! Celebrities Hilarious Tweets Over Pope Benedict XVI resignation.

Obviously people are going to make fun of Pope's resignation on Twitter for the next two months but here are a few of the hilarious Tweets from celebrities.

Comedian klint: Pope resigned...Keshi resigned...can GEJ take the toll and just resign too?

Calestous Juma: #Nigeria wins Africa Cup of Nations, the #Pope quits. I didn't see that one coming.

Ricky Gervais: "Being 'The Pope' means you are married to God. So, is this like a divorce?"

Piers Morgan: "The Queen's a year older than The Pope. Can't see her ever resigning because she's tired. #indefatigability1infallibility0"

Ricky Martin: "The #Pope resigns? I didn't know that was even possible. Apparently, the last time a pope resigned was the year 1415 #IfYouRintrested"

Patton Oswalt: "TOP POPE. Realty competition. Do it, Vatican."

Judd Apatow: "'@pattonoswalt: TOP POPE. Realty competition. Do it, Vatican.' Fox has already signed him as a commentator to replace Dick Morris."

More tweets after the cut:

Monday, 11 February 2013

BREAKING NEW: Pope Renounces The Papacy Throne.

85 years old Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, who was elected Pope on the 25th April 2005 to become Pope Benedict XVI, the second Pope Benedict in the history of Pope.

He is the 265th Pope and is regarded as the successor of Saint Peter the Apostle.

He announced today in Rome that he will be stepping down on the 28th of February 2013, because he non longer has the strength to perform in his office.

He will be the first Pope since Pope Gregory XII in 1415 to renounce the papacy throne. 

There are some rumor going on thou to the true reasons why he is resigning......uhmm....i can't wait to find out. lol

Below is the resignation letter: