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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Makeup freak mother used makeup on her new born baby.

I seriously don't know what she was thinking while doing this to her baby. Although, makeup makes the baby looks like an old woman but eye brown is so fly. Someone plz call the social services before she does something else to the poor baby. lol

Thursday, 7 November 2013

How Don Jazzy's Twitter Rants Exposed His Business Foolishness And Selfishness - Ms Uduak Oduok

This is a very interesting article written by Ms. Uduak Oduok who is an Entertainment Attorney. It's about the recent tweet fight that happened between Don Jazzy and Wande coal. It's long but take out time to read carefully and you won't regret it. 
"I began writing, yesterday, about the recent potential legal drama between Don Jazzy and Wande Coal to discuss the alleged claim of Intellectual Property theft and legal issues present, which I will still do, albeit on a different post. However, while writing, I just got tired, like really tired of the state of the industry and the foolishness being served of late. 
Eyin Nigerian artists eti su mi, really (you Nigerian artists make me weary, really). Sheesh. Y’all can be off the hook, many times. You’ve got a grown man and so called boss for that matter such as Don Jazzy displaying foolish behavior of the highest order on twitter; and crying about a problem he created in the first place.

Mavin Records Releases Statement On Wande Coal’s Departure From The Record Label.

It had earlier been rumored that Wande Ojosipe popularly known as Wande Coal had left Mavin Records to his own record label Black Diamond. A few day ago, Don Jazzy called Wande out on Twitter and accused him of stealing his song 'Baby Face'. The management of Mavin Records has released a press statement stating the departure of Wande Coal.
"It is with deep regret that we officially announce the departure of recording artist Wande Ojosipe, popularly known as Wande Coal, from Mavin Records due to irreconcilable differences. 
Over the past few months, Mavin Records has made a concerted move to consolidate its position in the Nigerian music industry. Mavin has pursued a renewed ethos to raise its standards of quality and professionalism to a world-class level. Wande’s vision has not aligned with ours and a few months ago all parties mutually agreed that a separation would be the best course of action.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

TWEET FIGHT: Don Jazzy says Wande Coal stole his song 'Baby Face' (See Wande's reply & listen to the song here)

Wande Coal left Mavin Records a while ago; and a few hours after Wande released his new single 'Baby Face', Don Jazzy took to twitter to call him out, saying he stole his song. He's basically saying the song 'Baby Face' is his and Wande stole it from him. Don Jazzy even posted a link to his own version of the song on Twitter. 
Listen to Don Jazzy version on Wande Coal version AND Wande coal replies to Don Jazzy's accusations after the cut: