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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Police accidentally killed man 6-months after his wedding, leaving behind a 3-months pregnant wife. (Photos)

When will Nigerian police officers start acting professional and stop killing innocent souls? Police accidentally shot a man who came out from his office to settle a dispute between the police officers and his colleagues on Wednesday 11th, in Port Harcourt.
According to TrendyS
Chika, lost her husband yesterday (11- 12- 13) after he was accidentally shot by police in Port-Harcourt. 
Some of his colleagues went to buy diesel for the office generator.(Lunberg Services Ltd behind Coca Cola in Port harcourt Trans-Amadi) as they were bringing the diesel jerry cans into the office premises, some JTF policemen trailed them from the filling station to the office premises. JTF policemen began harassing the guys who bought the diesel in Jerry cans. Donbraye Akangbou one of the high ranking employees on site came out of the office to mediate on the issue at hand.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

No more policing the police in Nigeria - Man arrested for videoing a policeman in Lagos State.

The Nigeria Police Force are not smiling at all and not happy with the general public who are policing the police. A similar incident has happened before where a man was arrested for videoing a policeman extorting money from a commercial driver, and now it's happening again. Only God knows how many people the police have arrested for policing the police. If Ngozi Braide is not against arresting an innocent person for more than 24 hours but she is against videoing a police officer on duty (oppressing the citizen and extorting money from drivers), then she is as guilty and corrupt as the rest of them. According to Punch,
A Non-Governmental Organisation, Pre-Adult Affairs Organisation, has accused the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, of illegally arresting and detaining a teacher, Abragahou Aminu, for four days for taking a picture of a policeman. The organisation said the detention of Aminu, a Togolese, constituted a breach of his fundamental human rights.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

WTF! Nigeria policeman smoking weed while holding an AK 47 machine gun. (Photo)

When next you hear policemen kill innocent people,  harass people unnecessarily, kill innocent people with strayed bullets or take laws into their hands by brutalizing people everywhere, don't blame them, blame it on the weed they smoke. Abi no be so?
How can an addict be given an AK 47 machine gun? It's high time we Nigerians demand the restructuring and reforming of these bodyguard squads called Nigerian Police Force; else we will continue to have this unprofessional attitude until we are ready to ask for change. Any wonder why there are so much extrajudicial killings in Nigeria? These rotten eggs must be purged out of the force before the force becomes our nightmare. 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

BUSTED! Delta State ASP caught on tape lying about the alleged assassination attempt on Delta State Speaker (Video)

The Nigeria police in Delta State told barefaced lies to reporters regarding the purported assassination of the Delta State House of Assembly Speaker, Victor Ochei. Police public relations officer, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Lucky Uyabeme had earlier told a reporter over the phone that the assassination story was a hoax, blaming politicians for lying and capitalizing on circumstances of that nature.
A few hours after the recording phone conversation, the PPRO went public claiming that the explosion of a cannon by a member of Obomkpa community was an "Assassination attempt" on Mr. Ochei life. The police further denied that he spoke with any reporter regarding the incident.
Here are the two versions of the police PRO statements.
Police and politicians, na who lie pass? Just imagine these people arresting innocent citizens for their own selfish interests. God is watching you all.

Friday, 8 November 2013

BUSTED! Police disguise in mufti to arrest & extort commercial bus drivers in Lagos (Video)

On a serious note, is this illegal and unprofessional ways of the Nigeria Police Force not crime and abuse of power? This is stealing by trick.....
According to SaharaTV, "At Moshalashi Bus stop, Alagbado, Lagos State, police woman is used as bait to deceive commercial bus operators. She enters like a passenger at the bus stop and then announces that the bus is under arrest by police. A policeman in uniform waits at the next bus stop, Kollignton bus stop, then takes over and orders all passengers to get down. The bus is then taken to the station for proper extortion."
Watch the video after the cut:

Monday, 4 November 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Contrary to report, Asokoro DPO didn't hold G7 governors hostage, he was disgraced by the governors (Video + pictures)

Contrary to the report made by Sahara Reporters yesterday that the DPO of Asokoro police division, CSP Nnanna Ama, invaded the meeting of the G7 governors at the Kano government lodge in Asokoro, Abuja, with a retinue of officers; that he was enraged after the governors dare him to do his worst which led him into ordering the governors to remain on their seats.

Meanwhile, reverse was the case as the DPO got to the venue where the meeting of the G7 governors was being held and his men were locked outside while he was taken to the inner room to explain to the governors why he was there. The DPO was unable to say anything reasonable to defend his visit. He only whispered in the ear of the Kano State Governor for about 30 seconds and he was asked by the governors to get out from the venue. The DPO left the venue in total shame.
See more pictures and the video after the cut: