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What is the key technology of PVC tape coating production?

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What is the key technology of PVC tape coating production?

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PVC tape is a new kind of material made of PVC film. It has excellent electrical insulation, sealing, wear-resisting, flame resistant, acid and alkali chemical corrosion resistance and other properties, are widely used in the packaging industry, construction industry, electronic industry, automobile manufacturing and coal mining, etc of the ship. At present, the machine speed of PVC tape coating production line in China is usually 5m/min - 25m/min, with a single coating method, the production efficiency, surface quality and economic benefits are restricted. Due to fully consider the characteristics of the PVC tape, thus put forward the advanced surface glue comma blade measurement combined with glue anilox roll composite coating method, make full use of the advantages of two kinds of coating method, can reduce or eliminate the influence of deflection and at the same time can make a comma scraper blade coating in the uniform coating, thickness is consistent, without stripe, obtain a good surface quality. And it adopts the large temperature control range of sectional drying system to obtain the quality of the products. Finally, a large number of experiments are carried out to optimize the optimal coating process and the main operating parameters of the production line.


1. Composite coating method

PVC tape coating includes surface glue and gel twice coated. This paper puts forward a composite coating method for the combination of the surface glue comma spatula and the bottom rubber roller. Due to the large viscosity of the surface, the content of the solid is high and the amount of coating is large, so the surface adhesive coating is applied with a comma spatula. Comma coating principle as shown in figure 1, the round roller surface along the busbar processing parts, shaped like a comma, use "comma blade" instead of scraper to get a smooth coating of the steel, but also eliminated the viscous traces. When the surface glue coating works, the comma spatula does not rotate, the blade of the blade is facing the cutting point of the roller or the liner, and the coating is scraped to ensure that the coating is evenly spread.


Compared with the surface glue coating, the adhesive coating surface adhesive is small, the content of the solid object is low and the coating amount is small, so the use of the roller coating method. The mesh pattern is shown in fig.2. The screen roller coating equipment is mainly used to make the coated roll with the netting, the coating uniformity is good, and the coating quantity is accurate.

2. Design of drying system

Because after coated PVC tape in the process of drying temperature, moisture evaporation rate and rate will be constantly changing, so the temperature of the drying system need to partition a controlled, are the drying system of the unit, to ensure that under the condition of the temperature of drying will not damage the physical structure of the coating. PVC tape coating production line used to dry the temperature in the cabinet with German ARI iresearch the 3-way proportional type temperature control valve, to regulate the flow of steam to control temperature size, can according to different site conditions, flexible adjustment of control parameters, to achieve system optimization; In addition top adjusting range of 130 ℃ drying oven temperature, which is divided into seven temperature control zone, glue drying box adopts a set of temperature control, temperature control surface glue drying box adopts six group. After the coating was removed from the drying oven, the PVC film was cooled by the 5m long cooling nozzle box, and the temperature of the PVC film was reduced by the cooling roller, and the surface volume was finally taken.

3. Process flow and main operation parameters

After a large number of experiments, the optimal coating process and the main operating parameters of the production line are optimized. Coating process is shown in figure 3, the process can be simplified to discharge volume to glue processing, rubber processing and winding, the glue is to improve the uf performance, and can improve the compressive strength of adhesive and grassroots.


PVC tape coating production line by the automatic discharge machine, discharge volume cutting cloth rack, preheating heating roller, embossing wheel cylinder bottom glue coating machine, glue drying box, and the bottom of the frame, plastic cooling wheel cylinder group, the comma blade surface glue coating machine, suction machine, rubber drying box and frame, plastic surface cooling wheel cylinder group, EPC, automatic correction device, automatic electric control system, canvas and transmission system, machine and surface storage reel, etc.

4. Production line operation

Using the production line and running parameters of the above design, the operation is as follows:

(1) the maximum mechanical speed of the production line is 5 0 m/m I n, and the production speed is generally 1 5 m/m I n - 35m/min.

(2) the composite coating was used to apply the coating, and the coating uniformity reached plus or minus 0.002 mm.

(3) the drying system is equipped with an automatic temperature controller, and the temperature and the control of the temperature control valve are adopted by the temperature and the control of the temperature control valve by PLC. The temperature of the drying oven is stable at the set temperature.

(4) use fully automatic ac frequency conversion control system to realize continuous production and ensure the normal operation of the production line and the consistency of product quality.

The nature of PVC tape, the innovative choice of different coating ways to carry on the compound type coating; Taking into account the factors of temperature change in the drying process, the sectional temperature control is adopted. The optimal process flow and operation parameters are optimized by a large number of experimental studies. PVC tape coating production line production running stability, high production speed and high accuracy.

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