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What kind of tapes are there?

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What kind of tapes are there?

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3M adhesive tape type:

1. Double-sided VHB foam tape

2. Double-sided acrylic foam tape

3. Double-sided polyurethane foam tape

4. Double-sided polyethylene foam tape

5. Double-sided polyvinyl chloride foam tape

6. Double-sided chloroprene duct tape

7. Dual LockTM industrial fastener

8. ScotchmateTM industrial fastener

9. Double-sided non-woven tape

10. Double sided tape

11. ATG gluing system

12, double-sided tape transfer

13, jaw

14. Double-sided conductive tape

15. Double-sided conductive tape

16. Double - sided optical sellotape

17, PolymaskTM protection tape

18. Metal foil tape

19. BumponTM and RollstockTM foot pads

20, labels,

Water soluble adhesive tape

22. Flexo adhesive tape

23. Ground identification tape

24. High polymer material surface smooth adhesive tape

25. Protective tape of PET circuit board

26, wave crest welding protective tape

Glass tape

28. Masking tape

Fiber tape

30. Sealing tape

31. 3M MaticTM sealing machine

32. Packaging related products

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Kunshan Shengye Packing Material Co., Ltd

Contact person: Mr. Li

Telephone: 18616678980

Export manager: 18962691776

Sales manager:18068053703

Web: www.ksypack.cn


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