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Kunshan Shengye Packing Material Co., Ltd

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Export manager: 18962691776

Sales manager:18068053703

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Mr. Li: 18616678980

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1034841868(James) 2477928383(Sonia) 605048188(Mr.li)

Web: www.ksypack.cn

Add: Jiangsu province Suzhou city Chinese town Kunshan City International Business City

Sales: North Kunshan Road, No. 1288 is Tyrone International Trade City Shop No. 1023-1025

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Assistant general manager


1, Bachelor degree or above, international trade, secretary and other professional;

2, proficient in WORDE, EXCEL, PPT and other office software, and have excellent word processing capacity;

3, proactive, sunny cheerful; full of sunshine, logical tight; good character, a sense of responsibility;

4, with good communication skills.

description of job:

1, to assist the general manager to deal with external public relations, drafting and collating contracts, documents, etc .;

2, the implementation of all the general manager of the trip, do a good job scheduling, work reminders and so on;

3, responsible for the company regular notice, the work of the various departments of the statistics, the meeting notice and minutes of the meeting;

4, responsible for the general manager of various documents from the manuscript, promulgated and issued work;

5, timely and accurate treatment of temporary Shi Bo, to ensure that the general manager of the work efficiency;

6, responsible for the general manager of the Office of the document writing and document management to ensure that the material information is accurate;

7, to complete the other general manager to the transaction work.

 Domestic assistant

1, computer operation skilled, will use ordinary financial software (import and export entry)

2, customers and suppliers to purchase and delivery follow-up, the end of the month checkout, and out of domestic sales details

3, work carefully and meticulous

4, Taobao and network sales familiar with priority

Domestic salesman (work place: Kunshan Huaqiao)

description of job:

1. Male, 20-35 years old, high school or higher, cheerful, active, responsive, healthy, articulate, proficient in market development, skilled negotiation skills.

Sincere, optimistic, full of enthusiasm for the sales work, willing to accept the challenge, strong compressive ability. There are packaging materials on the factory sales experience or insurance, real estate,

Car sales experience and familiar with the Kunshan area route is preferred.

2. With more than 1 year of domestic business sales experience, to understand the packaging materials are preferred (excellent conditions, no experience can also be).

3. Mainly responsible for the development of new domestic business, customer tracking and management, payment tracking and recycling work.

4. Control the market trends, develop factories, establish a good factory relationship and maintain the factory price system; with basic financial knowledge, cost control and risk awareness

5. Salary: basic salary + commission

Website Operations Specialist (Kunshan, Jiangsu)

Company Name: Kunshan Sheng Industry Packaging Materials Co., Ltd

Location: Kunshan Huaqiao

Industry: Packaging materials

Years of work: more than 1 year

Requirements: College and above


Job Tag: Website Operations Specialist

Job Function: Website Operations Specialist

description of job:

1, responsible for the daily business operations of the site to promote the work, engaged in the development of operational processes, optimize the work;

2, responsible for the operation of the site capacity, profitability, site management rules, website operation quality control and website operation support;

3, the management of website content and pages.


1, college education, marketing or computer related professional priority;

2 years relevant working experience;

3, a website community related services, content planning and business-related experience;

4, quick thinking, innovative spirit, sensitive to changes in data, have a good ability to analyze and judge.

Job Requirements: International Trading Sales (Work Place: Block 1, Asia Pacific Plaza, Flower Bridge, Kunshan City)

1. Responsible for the expansion of the company's foreign business. By telephone, e-mail contact overseas customers, to accept overseas customer inquiries, quotes, order confirmation, system, warehousing and other work;

2. Have a good market development ability and complete the entire work process independently;

3. Assist the supervisor to do foreign market development work, collect and organize business information at home and abroad.

4. do a good job diary and do the relevant documents archive;

5. Maintain daily business contacts with overseas customers.

6. To help participate in international exhibitions. Familiar with B2B e-commerce operation process is preferred (mainly Alibaba foreign trade platform), skilled use of the network, exhibition and other platforms for product promotion work;

7. Experience in garden, home, gift, tinplate or plastic, adhesive tape products is preferred.

Job description and requirements:

1. Engaged in foreign trade business, fresh university graduates in English need six or experienced foreign trade business personnel

2. International trade related professional, college or higher, English six. More than 1 year experience in foreign trade business;

3. Familiar with foreign trade process and letter of credit business, have a strong independent processing of the entire order process capacity; flexible mind, good at analyzing the market;

4. Fluent in spoken and written English, can communicate directly with foreign customers, have independent and foreign customers to communicate and negotiate business capacity;

5. Honest and optimistic, with excellent team spirit, with a high sense of responsibility and enthusiasm, can withstand greater work pressure;

6. Know the computer operation, master the Office of the use of office software and e-mail send and receive.

Foreign trade experience: at least two years.

Kunshan Shengye Packing Material Co., Ltd

Contact person: Mr. Li

Telephone: 18616678980

Export manager: 18962691776

Sales manager:18068053703

Web: www.ksypack.cn


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