Thursday, 28 May 2015

Wedding guest rudely upstaged newlywed by proposing to girlfriend in front of them.

Wedding day is one day in someone's life that they do not want anyone to upstage them because it's a one in a lifetime experience where all attentions are on them. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case of this newlywed couple who were unfortunately upstaged by a guest proposal. 

The above picture portrays a wedding guest proposing to his girlfriend right in front of the bride and groom at their reception. The picture was uploaded to Reddit this week by an unnamed user and it has been viewed 1.36 million times. Whether the bride's smile is genuine or strained has been the subject of hilarious debate amongst internet commentators, who are outraged on the newlyweds' behalf. The bride's face is like "B••ch don't spoil my vibe" lol

There have been hilarious and scathing comments on the photograph as community members air their disbelief at the unidentified guests' apparent rudeness. The picture shows a newlywed couple, yet to be identified, smiling as one of their guest gets down on one knee to present a visibly emotional woman with an engagement ring.

While the bride and groom appear to be happy with their guests engagement, the bride's strained grin has been the subject of much discussion amongst Reddit commentators. 
Below are some of the comments from Redditors 

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