Friday, 22 May 2015

Prophet brainwashed church members to strip naked as he stepped on them for prayers (Photos)

What the f••k is wrong with some people? Are humans now so dumb as to not know how to use their 6th senses anymore?

A South African prophet of 'The End Times Disciples Ministries', "prophet Penuel Tshepo", in his 30s, has brainwashed his church members into doing and believing whatever he tells them. They will bark like dogs and meow like cats if he should ask them to. Go to Giststring for pix.

Apparently, they have turned him into a semi god to the extent of eating grasses and going naked in the name of his god. 

The prophet who happens to be the founder of the church located in Gauteng, South Africa, asked his church members to strip for prayers while he stepped on them and they did. The photos were shared on the church's Facebook page but were deleted after backlash. 

The church is seriously living up to it's name. 

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