Thursday, 28 November 2013

This is so unprofessional! Kate Henshaw embarrassed 'Heaven' during Port Harcourt NGT audition. (Video)

This was just too unfair and it's seriously the height of unprofessionalism on the part of Kate and Dan. This guy who says his name is 'Heaven', showed up for the Nigerian Got Talent audition in Portharcourt, only for Kate Henshaw to embarrass him and walked out on him in company of Dan Foster when he tried singing, simply because his name is 'Heaven'.
Poor guy! What do you think of Heaven's audition?


  1. Haba! This is very unprofessional.

  2. i thought kate henshaw had manners until now. she even made the decision for the other fatso & attempted to make decision for the only judge that was a bit reasonable.

    it goes to show you nigerians are their own worst enemies. if simon cowell or piers morgan did this to a nigerian, we would be screaming racism or whatnot.

    kate henshaw is a disgrace to womanhood!

  3. Nigeria is not developed, mature, professional enough, to be hosting talent shows like this, the level immaturity & ignorance displayed here by one of Nollywood's "so called" top shots & her male puppy, is evidence of that fact.

    You are there to judge based on singing ability not name, allow everyone a fair chance before judging, or wasn't that in the job description?

    If a Nollywood veteran could display stupidity of this scale, what does that say about Nollywood itself?

    1. I beg to disagree... plz try and watch project fame and see the maturity of d judges. they are not praise singers like MI and onyeka owenu on x-factor, they judge performance and analyse musical aspect of performance. for Christ sake, Kate henshaw cannot differentiate between tenor and soprano talkless of keys

  4. Where do they pick these crass and unprofessional judges who have no real talent from? Kate and the fat guy were rude and went overboard by walking out. As much as they want to let the contestant know that he lacks talent, it shouldn’t be conveyed in an insulting and denigrating manner to the poor lad. I commend the guy for taking it with a bit of humor and not holding it against them at the end. He displayed signs of maturity which the judges obviously lacked.

  5. She run ran from heaven,she should go to hell and remain there. bunch of professional idiots forming to be lenients.

  6. Giving an actress the job of a musician is like asking a carpenter to do the work of a surgeon. Result like this is what you will get. It is eveywher in Nigeria. An engineer can be the minister of health; Pharmacist can be minister of Power. Round pegs in square holes. You can expect unprofessional displays like this one by Kate

  7. who is kate without a dog may be she had no one 2 eat dat day

  8. haba am i highly dissapionted in her.i was realy a fan,but screw her

  9. na so she most have forgetten to eat her dirty dog on that day 40 years old fucker