Friday, 29 November 2013

Men cry no more! Size doesn't matter! Man made a movie about his small penis. (Video)

Men with small willy, if it will console you in anyway, know that you are not alone in the fight. A man with a small penis but big balls that are big enough to make him come out and face the world that he actually has a small manhood, has made a cockumentary about whether size matters. 

30 years old Patrick Moote from Los Angeles whose girlfriend refused to marry because of his 'too small' penis decided to travel the world to talk with men, women and medical experts in a bid to answer the age-old question "does size matter?" He compiled all the conversations he had into a documentary titled 'Unhung Hero' 

When asked by New York Post why he decided to make his small-penis a public concern, he responded by saying "I've always gone after things i'm insecure about head on and i saw an opportunity to answer a question that i think was bothering a lot of guys and me. Even when i was telling people about it, i never felt like i was embarrassing myself that much. It was almost like doing a service for men in general."

Meetings with medical specialists confirm that Mr Moote has a 'below normal' size penis. Refusing to give the exact size away, Mr Moote told Rolling Stone magazine: 'I did a lot of measuring, and anyone who's done it enough knows that there's anywhere from an 1/8 to 1/4-inch fluctuation on any given day. It's such a fickle creature. But if you were to say that the average penis is around five-and-a-half inches, I'm below average.' However, over a series of interviews with women on the street, Mr Moote was comforted by the fact that while size is an issue for many, it's not a huge one. Recalling their responses he said: 'You either get, "Oh my God, no! That would never be a problem," or "Oh yeah. Big time. That's a big problem." It's almost fifty-fifty.'

He discovered that being 'too big' can be just as much of a problem, and he added that the film isn't just about penis size, but about embracing all kinds of insecurities "I think it’s a conversation people should have. People are so terrified to talk about it, but something we got into a lot is that all men are insecure about it. Nowadays, there’s just as much pressure on men in terms of body image, who you're supposed to be, and what you're supposed to look like."

A YouTube video of the fail went viral, scoring over ten million hits, and Mr Moote’s girlfriend told him that one reason she couldn't marry him was that his penis was too small. He said that he knew it was an issue in the relationship, but didn't realize it was a deal-breaker. 'You can tell when, sexually, you're getting somebody's motor running or not. I felt like I wasn't, but I didn't think she would run out, either,' he said of the incident.
Mr Moote is now back on the dating scene. Since news of his film broke, he says his penis often becomes a topic of conversation at the dinner table. "It's interesting because the times that the penis has come up, I think I've set the bar so low, girls are just surprised I even have a penis. A girl I had been on a couple of dates with before, it came out and she said, "Oh, my God, it's not that small." And i said "That's not really a compliment." The expectations are so low i can't disappoint.

He said after his extensive search to find out whether penis size matters in 2013: 'I don't feel like I have a really small penis, I just know it's not a particularly impressive or special penis. But it's my penis, I love it and it's great. But I'm still insecure about it. This wasn't a magic cure-all for me. It's not like I'm walking into parties and dropping trousers.

*Unfortunately, size does matter but not all women can accommodate a large one. Some willy are too long and could be painful and some are too thick. Some are too thin and you can't feel it. what's pleasurable to some could be nightmare to others...from short-thin-long and thick. lol! Everyone has a different fit. But if it's like waving a pencil in a cave(when your 'cave' isn't actually very cave-like) it's never gonna work. However, an intelligent mind, a good sense of humor and a sweetheart mean so much more than the size of a man's manhood.
Enough being said, watch the thriller of the cockomentary lol

To contact him, this is his facebook fanpage.

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