Friday, 29 November 2013

Pot calls Kettle black! Edo PDP diss Oshiomole for insulting a widow & promised to pay her N250,000.

I'm so lol in chinese language...this is the story of the pot calling the kettle black Edo State PDP has released a press statement, condenming the state governor for insulting a widow by asking her to go die out of anger for not respecting the law. In the statement, the Edo State PDP invite the widow to visit the PDP secretariat in the state to receive the sum of N250,000.

For many years PDP ruled the state, they didn't set up an endowment fund for the widows in the state and now they are using the mis-guarded utterance of the governor as their political tools for next election. Isn't it funny that it took the misbehavior of the governor for the PDP to remember the existence of the widow.

Comrade Adams Oshiomhole apologises to FOMWAN for insulting a widow in Benin City. (Video)

Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has apologised for the comments he made to a widow in Benin City during an inspection tour along Mission Road in the State Capital, when he asked her to 'go and die' while the woman was begging him not to confiscate her goods. Speaking to the Leadership of the Federation of muslim Women's Association of Nigeria, Oshiomhole said that he regretted the comments which had become the subject of discourse in the social media. The governor, however, noted that he made the comments in anger. He urged the women leaders to use their offices to propagate the essence of healthy living among women in the nation and the need to maintain sanitary conditions in their neighbourhood.

"I would've made a terrible mistake if i had married another woman" Comedian Seyi Law appreciates wife.

See the picture of comedian Oluwaseyitan Aletile popularly known as Seyi Law in company of his wife. Ebere Cham, way back. Comedian Edo Charles flaunted their old school love on Instagram with the caption "....if dis woman can stay wit dis boss dis time den dis boss deserve to stay with er d rest of his life.." and Seyi Law replied "I wld have made a terrible mistake if i had married another. She is my success story."
I think all men should be careful not to make the wrong choice so they can be proud like Seyi and appreciate what they have. See their recent pix after the cut:

Men cry no more! Size doesn't matter! Man made a movie about his small penis. (Video)

Men with small willy, if it will console you in anyway, know that you are not alone in the fight. A man with a small penis but big balls that are big enough to make him come out and face the world that he actually has a small manhood, has made a cockumentary about whether size matters. 

30 years old Patrick Moote from Los Angeles whose girlfriend refused to marry because of his 'too small' penis decided to travel the world to talk with men, women and medical experts in a bid to answer the age-old question "does size matter?" He compiled all the conversations he had into a documentary titled 'Unhung Hero' 

When asked by New York Post why he decided to make his small-penis a public concern, he responded by saying "I've always gone after things i'm insecure about head on and i saw an opportunity to answer a question that i think was bothering a lot of guys and me. Even when i was telling people about it, i never felt like i was embarrassing myself that much. It was almost like doing a service for men in general."

Meetings with medical specialists confirm that Mr Moote has a 'below normal' size penis. Refusing to give the exact size away, Mr Moote told Rolling Stone magazine: 'I did a lot of measuring, and anyone who's done it enough knows that there's anywhere from an 1/8 to 1/4-inch fluctuation on any given day. It's such a fickle creature. But if you were to say that the average penis is around five-and-a-half inches, I'm below average.' However, over a series of interviews with women on the street, Mr Moote was comforted by the fact that while size is an issue for many, it's not a huge one. Recalling their responses he said: 'You either get, "Oh my God, no! That would never be a problem," or "Oh yeah. Big time. That's a big problem." It's almost fifty-fifty.'

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Tweetbite! Peter Okoye fires back at Emmy Collins for dissing his wedding outfit. (Photos + Tweets)

People who knows Emmy Collins, knows how good he is at dissing celebrities on his blog. Three days ago Emmy went on his blog to diss Peter okoye's wedding outfit. Here's what Emmy wrote on his blog:

"Go And Die" Governor Adams Oshiomole Tells A Poor Widow (Video)

In leadership and governance, there's a place for 'Human face', and no matter the circumstances, widows to the best of my knowledge are integral part of our society and if we don't apply human face when dealing with them, am afraid we are far from getting there as a people. I can't fathom why the Governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole will treat this widow like this and even tell her to 'go and die' when she's struggling to provide food for her family. I think it would've been far better to make her pay a fine for her wrongdoing than this humiliation.

One can try to excuse the act of the governor for some gimmicks like 'sacrifices for the greater good of the community' but, the approach and the choice of words by the governor is nothing short of wickedness, callousness, insensitivity and thoughtlessness to say the least. He should be ashamed of himself for uttering such words. He is not expected to say such things to anybody, let alone a widow
And to say he was a former NLC chairman who claimed he was fighting for the masses beats me. Words fail me.
Watch the shameful video after the cut:

Woman donates kidney to save an unknown child after reading his request on newspaper.

Can you beat this? Stories and acts like this make me believe there are still some very good and selfless people living in this selfish world of ours. A woman gave her kidney to a kid she didn't know and never met, because he asked for it in a community newsletter. Click HERE to read the amazing story.

Kidnappers kidnapped ex super eagle footballer's father and demand N50 Million ransom.

Former Nigerian central defender, Chikelue lloenyosi's dad, Chief James Chikelue lloenyosi has been kidnapped at his country home, Abagana in Njikoka Local Government Area, Anambra State James Iloenyosi, was kidnapped on his way back from the church on Monday morning by armed men in a Toyota Camry car. The family has established contact with the kidnappers who have put forward a whopping N50 million price tag as a precondition for his release.

Chikelue spoke with newsmen saying:

Ladies, beware of abusive men! Nursing mother stabbed abusive husband to death in Lagos State.

This is a very sorrowful news. A nursing mother mistakenly killed her abusive husband over an argument that started because of fried rice. Men, don't get married or live with a woman if you cannot control your anger or if you have the intention of making the woman your punching bag and women, don't marry a man who has signs of violence in him. If you unknowningly marry a violent man, learn how to respond to him when he his angry and if you can't deal with the situation, pack your load and leave his house. Just as a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage, so is a broken marriage better than a wasted life. The inability to control one's anger has led to the death of a husband, 3-months-old baby becomes fatherless and the woman becomes a widow and single mother. Sometimes, love is not enough if common sense is not added to it.
According to Punch
The police in Lagos have arrested a 33-year-old woman, Biola Gbadamosi, for allegedly murdering her husband, Jamiu, in the Ikorodu area of the state. According to the police, the suspect, who is a nursing mother, stabbed her husband with a knife during an argument over rice. PUNCH Metro learnt that the suspect and her husband, who is a Vehicle Inspection Officer, had a history of domestic violence prior to the incident. Biola, who spoke to our correspondent while fighting back tears, said she had no intention of killing her husband, adding that she only stabbed him once on the thigh.

Watch Crazy Father & Daughter Dance To 'Skelewu' At The NGT Lagos Audition. (Hilarious Video)

The struggle in naija has never been more real lol! I bet this little girl is gonna make her dad pay for this embarrassment when she grows up to understand what her dad just made her do. lol. Poor little thing.....i still just can't stop lmao. What a crazy father! lol

This is so unprofessional! Kate Henshaw embarrassed 'Heaven' during Port Harcourt NGT audition. (Video)

This was just too unfair and it's seriously the height of unprofessionalism on the part of Kate and Dan. This guy who says his name is 'Heaven', showed up for the Nigerian Got Talent audition in Portharcourt, only for Kate Henshaw to embarrass him and walked out on him in company of Dan Foster when he tried singing, simply because his name is 'Heaven'.
Poor guy! What do you think of Heaven's audition?

Tiwa Savage & husband's first outing after marriage. (Photos)

Newly wed couple, Tiwa Savage and husband Tuneji Balogun aka TeeBillz made their first appearance as a couple at the MTV Base Shuga premiere which held on November 26th at the Silverbird Galleria in V.I, Lagos. Cute couple!
See more pix after the cut:

"Avoid Morning Sex Africa" - Weird boutique name somewhere in Africa. (Photo)

Lmao some Africans can give you unexplainable headache in the teeth with their weird themes. This is actually the name given to this lol. I just can't imagine how they manage to sell their goods because i'm sure most guys wouldn't want to go near there over this their assumed sex education. lolllzzz

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Two Nigerian boys bags 22 & 14 years imprisonment in UK for attempt murder. (Pix & Video)

Nigerians on the news again for the wrong reasons. Two Nigerians, Kayode Oshin 21, and Junior Tahir-Akinyele 19, have been jailed for 22 and 14 years imprisonment for attempt murder and possession of firearms in the UK. According to DailyMail,
A gunman who uploaded a rap video onto YouTube boasting about trying to murder a rival with a ‘spray and pray’ machine gun was jailed for 22 years today.
Kayode Oshin, 21, attempted to assassinate Yassin Zouaiou with a Mac 10 in a feud over drugs and money in Hounslow, west London, after being enticed into a world of gang culture and crime’, a court heard.

This is serious! Women can now lockup their men's joystick in willy jail with padlocks.

Hehehehehehe.....Men are in serious trouble! In case you are yet to fathom the image in the pictures, it's ehmm p*nis jail. lol! The device serves/help women in padlocking their husbands/boyfriends organs. It's called 'Male Chastity' and it gives the keyholder absolute control over the joystick.
Here is how it's been advertised:
"Male chastity devices restrict a man from touching his genitals for sexual pleasure. The male chastity device gives the keyholder control over the sexual fulfillment of both partners by denying the wearer the touch he has had all of his life.
His focus is now on when he can experience sexual gratification, and the keyholder has complete control over the wearer's pleasure.
This denied access means the wearer must please the keyholder in order to receive the pleasure he craves."
Although, it's harsh but i hear it's very effective and comes in different sizes. lolllzzz. You can get the willy jail at  for $150. Except the men that like kinky stuff, i'm sure no normal man who can't control his willy will agree to this. lol. See Gombe! No more excuse!!!!!!!! lmao
How many of you will like to experiment this? lol

Delta State Government nominates a dead man for House of Assembly’s screening

LWKMD! This one is madness made in naija. I guess they were working towards making the deceased a ghost worker. According to Vanguard,
There was a mild drama, Tuesday, at the sitting of the Delta State House of Assembly, as one of the seven persons nominated to be appointed into Delta State Tourism Board, was discovered to be deceased. 
The executive had sent the seven nominees to the House for confirmation, namely, Efe Afe, Peter Okolotu, Hyacinth Iyere, James Youmu, Amah Agbajoh, Abel Eyube and Joe Morgan. 
However, during the screening, when the fourth nominee on the list, James Youmu, was called up, Efe Afe, who was screened as chairman of the board and a former member of the House, drew the attention of the House that James Youmu had since died even before the names were sent to the House. 
Also, one Mrs. Gift Gomere, nominated for appointment into Delta State Broadcasting Service, DBS, Warri, was sent back when she appeared for screening,for being “improperly dressed,” while another person nominated for appointment into Delta State Rural Development Agency, RDA, Friday Okoh, was also sent back for unruly behaviour, as he was spotted chewing gum while standing before the Mace.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

No more policing the police in Nigeria - Man arrested for videoing a policeman in Lagos State.

The Nigeria Police Force are not smiling at all and not happy with the general public who are policing the police. A similar incident has happened before where a man was arrested for videoing a policeman extorting money from a commercial driver, and now it's happening again. Only God knows how many people the police have arrested for policing the police. If Ngozi Braide is not against arresting an innocent person for more than 24 hours but she is against videoing a police officer on duty (oppressing the citizen and extorting money from drivers), then she is as guilty and corrupt as the rest of them. According to Punch,
A Non-Governmental Organisation, Pre-Adult Affairs Organisation, has accused the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, of illegally arresting and detaining a teacher, Abragahou Aminu, for four days for taking a picture of a policeman. The organisation said the detention of Aminu, a Togolese, constituted a breach of his fundamental human rights.

Check out Denrele Edun's outfit to Tiwa Savage Traditional marriage. (Photo)

This Denrele's outfit to Tiwa Savage's traditional marriage is ehmmm.....weird? #drycough! Ok! Seriously, i just can't get my eyes off his shoes. Uhmmm who is his girlfriend anyway? I'm not thinking anything oh....just asking. lol
Photocredit:- that1960chick

Monday, 25 November 2013

Angelina Jolie buys a heart shaped private Island for Brad Pitt for his 50th birthday (Photos)

What would you gift to someone who has everything on his birthday? Angelina Jolie has reportedly bought Brad Pitt an Island for his 50th birthday. According to DailyMail,
Their love for one another has never been in doubt, but Angelina Jolie has apparently reinforced the depth of her feelings for Brad Pitt by buying him his very own heart shaped island. The actress has reportedly paid £12.2 million for secluded Petra as Brad prepares to celebrate his 50th birthday on December 18.

Angelina is understood to have snapped up the island, located some 50-miles away from New York City, after discovering its two sprawling properties were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Brad’s favourite architect. A source told The Mirror: ‘As soon as Angelina heard the island was on the market she arranged a viewing. She was really impressed. The house is perfect for romantic getaways or as a family retreat.

Many feared trapped as buses burst into flame in Nigeria. (Video)

Watch Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon opens Ice Prince's ‘Fire of Zamani’ concert with grammar. (Video)

Lawmaker and Chief of staff to the Edo State Governor, Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon hosted Ice Prince's Fire Of Zamani concert November 23, 2013 in Lagos. Can anyone plz explain what he said? I'm....lost! lol

Relationship Issues: 20 reasons why women stay with men who cheat.

Many people find it hard to understand why a woman would choose to stay in a marriage or a relationship with a man who has cheated on her, or who has a history of extramarital affairs. Yet there are millions of women, who for various reasons, have chosen to stay with a cheating partner. In fact, according to experts up to 75% of couples rocked by infidelity manage to stay together.

These are not the only reasons women remain in relationships with cheaters. There are a myriad of reasons why women stay with cheaters, some that only make sense to the women involved. Below are just a few reasons why women choose to stay with a cheating spouse or partner.

Lady Gaga galloped into the American Music Awards atop a huge fake white horse. (Photos)

Lady Gaga made her best effort to outdo herself at the American Music Awards on Sunday night as she arrived riding sidesaddle on a white fake horse animated by two men, and she managed to dress like a normal star with her clothes on. See more pix after the cut:

Rita Dominic & Mildred Okwo won Eloy Awards for Best Female Movie Producers Of The Year. (Photos)

Actress/producer Rita Dominic and Mildred Okwo won the Eloy Awards for the Best Female Movie Producers Of The Year for the movie 'The Meeting'. The awards ceremony took place last night. Rita thanked her fans for their supports, and added that her producer's hat is definitely staying on for a very long time. Congrats girl!
See her outfit to the award ceremony after the cut:

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Nigerian boy, Donald Nwajiobi, arrested for strangling a 60-years-old Italian woman to death. (Photos)

Police in southern Italy have arrested an 18-year-old Nigerian boy on suspicion of murdering a 60-year-old Catherine Susca outside the coastal city of Bari. Catherine was found semi-naked with a plastic bag over her head and her skull crushed in her apartment in Torre a Mare. According to investigations, the death of Catherine Susca was caused by the beating she received in the course of the attack, suffocation with a plastic bag dropped on her head and strangulation with a scarf.

The Nigerian boy, Donald Nwajiobi, who lives in Bari but homeless, confessed he killed the woman in self defense after she attacked him with a pair of scissors and he also claimed to have acted alone. However, investigators will verify whether there were accomplices.

TRAGIC! Another Ondo State Politician, Hon. Nomiye Raphael Oloye dies at 50 of heart attack.

50-years-old Hon. Nomiye Raphael Oloye popularly known as Groovy is dead. Until his death, he was a member of the House of Representatives, representing Ilesa/Esa-Odo Federal Constituency of Ondo State. Source confirmed he slumped and died of heart related illness in the early hours of Saturday November 23rd, 2013, in Abuja.

Born to the Royal family of Chief & Mrs. Jeremiah Sego Nomiye at Molutehin in Ugbo ward VI in IIaje Local Government Area of Ondo State on the 6th February, 1963. He served in various political capacity in Ondo State and was a board member of Ondo State Oil Producing Area Development Commission (OSOPADEC). He was also the Chairman / M.D of RAFEGOS International Companies Ltd. 
May His Soul Rest In Peace!

Photos of Tiwa Savage & husband at their traditional marriage ceremony.

Check out more photos of Tiwa Savage and husband in their traditional marriage attire. More pix after the cut:

5 regrets people make on their deathbed.

According to World Observer Online, a nurse revealed the five top regrets people make on the death bed. She wrote:

For many years I worked in palliative care. My patients were those who had gone home to die. Some incredibly special times were shared. I was with them for the last three to twelve weeks of their lives. People grow a lot when they are faced with their own mortality. I learnt never to underestimate someone’s capacity for growth. Some changes were phenomenal. Each experienced a variety of emotions, as expected, denial, fear, anger, remorse, more denial and eventually acceptance. Every single patient found their peace before they departed though, every one of them. When questioned about any regrets they had or anything they would do differently, common themes surfaced again and again. Here are the most common five:

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Photos from Tiwa Savage & Tuneji Balogun traditional marriage ceremony.

The highly anticipated traditional marriage between Nigerian music artist and first lady of Mavin records, Tiwa Savage and her manager, Tuneji Balogun aka Tee Billz, is currently holding at the Arch events center Lekki and here are some of the guest pictures after the cut:

Eight pupils at a school get an allergic reaction whenever they enter the classroom in Italy.

Eight school children at a high school in Bergamo, Italy, suffer from breathing problems and itching as soon as they enter the classroom and medics have been unable to pinpoint the cause. The pupils get as far as the entrance hall of Falcone di Bergamo high school, but as soon as they enter the classroom they are overcome with a "mystery illness", with symptoms including breathing problems and rashes. Just eight pupils are affected, with five of those experiencing severe symptoms.

The bizarre reaction to school has baffled teachers and medics since October 7th, when at first two school girls were hit with symptoms upon entering the classroom. The symptoms which mysteriously disappear after they leave the classroom - soon spread to two of their classmates, before affecting four others in a neighbouring classroom. Environmental tests have been carried out on the rooms, as well as medical tests on the students, but experts from the local health services have so far been unable to find a cause and external factors have also been ruled out.

Poverty drives more Italians into committing suicide.

There has been a rise in the number of Italians committing suicide as they grapple with money problems amid a recession that is showing little sign of letting up, with 119 taking their lives since the start of 2013, new figures reveal. The figure is higher than the total of 89 for the whole of 2012, according to the study by LinkLab, the centre of socio-economic research at Link Campus University in Rome. The numbers show a "worrying escalation in suicides for economic reasons" over the course of the year, the study said, with 13 deaths in September and 16 in October.

Although victims came from a variety of professions, notably 45.5 percent were entrepreneurs, while suicides among the unemployed rose from 28 in 2012 to 46 over the past 10 months. People most commonly took their lives because of "spiralling debts" and "sudden loss of employment", the study found. The age group most at risk are those between 45 and 64, and although numbers have risen in all areas of Italy, most of the cases have occurred in the north-east. The figures also highlight the increase in attempted suicides, which so far in 2013 have reached 59.

Friday, 22 November 2013

WEIRDO! 65-years-old man charges woman $200K for turning down his proposal warned! There is a new breakup bill that can make you pay through your nose. A 65-years old Australia man. Bruce, has asked Mariah, his 42-years-old girlfriend of 4-years, to pay him the sum of $200,000 for turning him down & refusing his marriage proposal. The $200,000 accounted for every penny he ever spent on her during their alleged 4-years courtship. The woman who happened to be his dance teacher denied every romantic relationship with the man, saying any money Bruce gave her was his choice. 

There are many ways to get back at the woman who has scorned you. Some men purchase property next to their ex-wife's home and erect a middle finger statue on their back deck. Others take a more monetary route to revenge, such as this 65-year old man in Australia who asked his 42-girlfriend to marry him, got turned down and responded by sending her a $200,000 bill. He says it covered everything he allegedly ever purchased for his not-to-be-betrothed.

Uhmm...this is really serious....the man must be so heartbroken lol

Watch 40-years-old Kate Henshaw rocks 'Skelewu' dance like she is 20. (Video)

Who knew she could dance like this? wow!!! 40s is actually now the new 20s.

I would love to be a pastor like Bishop David Oyedepo & become millionaires overnight - Timaya.

It was obvious that the self-styled Egberi Papa 1 had not quite recovered from the impact of his breakup with a controversial actress that he dated a few years ago. Although it is common knowledge that Timaya broke up with the actress in 2009, he confessed that the relationship had robbed off on him badly and wished he could be rid of the attendant negative aura.
“You should not date somebody who already has a negative record. In my own case, it affected me at that time. I feel that a relationship should be between two people and not exposed to the rest of the world. Only a smart man is able to keep his relationship private.
“You see, Desmond Elliot and Jimmy Jatt are both married, but you will never see their wives in public. Naturally I’m a private person. The only thing that takes me out of my shell is my music, which is what I do for a living. It seems that the only thing people know about me is that ugly episode. So I don’t like to talk about it,” he says, adding that he has learnt a lesson from the experience.

Tragic News! Oba Adesina Alobijuwon - Osun Monarch dies as arsonists set palace on fire

A traditional ruler, the Alase of Ilase-Ijesa in Obokun Local Government Area of Osun State, Oba Adesina Alobijuwon, has been killed by arsonists who set his palace on fire. He was said to have been burnt to death Wednesday night in his Palace. A traditional chief in the town, Chief Oluwagbemiga Oke, who spoke with newsmen on Thursday at the palace said the monarch’s house which was given to him by a prominent indigene of the town got razed by some unknown people who visited the monarch.

He said that the monarch had attended to five guests who came with a pink colour Mazda car before the incident happened. He said "from what we were told, the house got burnt shortly after the people had left." May his soul rest in peace!

Happy birthday Sunmbo Adeoye! Husband sends lovely birthday message to her.

Today is Sunmbo Adeoye's birthday, she is the mother of Nino and Zion Idibia, and her husband, Pastor David Adeoye, sent her a lovely birthday message saying she makes loving her so easy because she loves passionately; and also thanked her for adding colours and flavour to his life. He wrote:
Happy Birthday To My Lovely Wife & Best Friend@sunmbo ...Sometimes the Two People we think are the Most Impossible, become the Most Possible. Baby, You have made Loving you so easy, because You Love Wholeheartedly & Passionately.... Your Smile is contagious & anytime I take a look at your Smile, everything seems better. Thank You for adding more Colours & Flavour to my Life.... Happy Birthday Adesunmbo mi!

BUSTED! 24-years-old man arrested for defrauding American couple of $42,497

A 24-years-old Olafinraye Adedamola was nabbed by the police for defrauding an American couple of $42,497. The culprit's only regret is to have used his personal datas in the bank operation not in his criminal act. According to Vanguard,
Operatives of the Special Fraud Unit, SFU, Milverton Road, Ikoyi, Lagos have arrested a 24-year-old man who posed as a lady to defraud a United States of America couple of $42,497, purportedly for the purchase of a property in Lagos. The suspect, identified as Olafinraye Adedamola, admitted the offence while being paraded yesterday. He was said to have connived with a Malaysian lady to defraud the couple. The Malaysian lady, according to him, was his Facebook friend, adding that he had intended to use the money to further his studies in a tertiary institution. 

LMAO! Donkey arrested in Kano for violating traffic law. (Photo)

This is one of those pictures one sees and immediately makes a wtf face... lollllzzz. Naija security men go kill people with laughter. lolzzz

ALERT! Spanish ten new laws with outregeous fine that are shocking Spaniards

Foreigners living in Spain and tourists in visiting Spain should take note of these new laws so as to avoid getting into big trouble. On Tuesday Spain unveiled a draft Citizen Security Law which demands huge fines for everything from filming a policeman to drinking on the street. The release of Citizen Security Law has raised more than a few eyebrows. Thee prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, said the law was not meant to gag citizens but protect them. "One of the obligations of the government is to guarantee the liberty and security of all of its citizens," he said. But Joan Coscubiel, a spokesperson for the Izquierda Plural group in parliament, called the law a kick in the teeth for democracy, saying; "This is not a citizens' security bill, it is a citizen-repression bill.
Read the new laws after the cut:

Thursday, 21 November 2013

See Paul Okoye's 7-months old son, Andre Okoye & his mum Anita Atokwu Isama (Photo)

Paul Okoye's son, Andre Okoye, is now a big boy of 7-months old. The proud & happy mum Anita Atokwu Isama says this was the only time she had to sit for 5 minutes during her brother in-law's wedding last Saturday.

Teacher beats 4-years-old pupil to death for being stubborn in Akure, Ondo State.

Why on earth should a teacher beat a child to a coma? The level of child abuse in every part of Nigeria is alarming; children are being abused at home and in school every given day, parents and teachers lash out their frustrations on innocent kids at every given opportunity all in the name of teaching and correcting them. Bullying is not teaching, it's child's abuse. 
According to Vanguard
Detectives in Ondo State have detained a primary school teacher, Alade Adebayo, for allegedly flogging to death a four-year-old female pupil Elizabeth Wanogha. The deceased pupil was a student of a private primary school, Falaye Memorial Nursery and Primary School, located at Fanibi area in Akure metropolis. The teacher, according to report, accused the deceased of being stubborn in the class. He was said to have beaten the girl to a state of coma. Cries from other pupils in the class reportedly attracted other teachers who rushed to the scene where they found that the girl had fainted. She was said to have been rushed to a private hospital and was admitted but reportedly died later. 

Boyfriend's 'I cheated' prank goes sour when girlfriend admits she also cheated on him. (Video)

YouTube prankster Roman Atwood made the claim he'd cheated on his girlfriend while they were celebrating their five year anniversary in Aruba. Through her sobs, his girlfriend said she too had an affair and the prankster became the pranked. lol Genius!

Watch the video after the cut:

$1.2 million of 24 gold bars found stashed in Boeing 737's bathroom in India.

An aircraft maintenance crew found a hidden stash of 24 gold bars worth $1.2 million aboard a commercial Jet Airways Boeing 737 bathroom on Tuesday at the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata, India. The gold weigh 53 pounds, was packed in two bags and left in a compartment in the bathroom of the aircraft. The flight had traveled from Mumbai to Thailand's capital Bangkok, before returning to Kolkata for the night. an investigation had been launched but no arrests had been made.

India has traditionally been the world’s largest importer of gold, although that title is being threatened this year by China. Much of India's vast gold consumption is hoarded or offered to the gods.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

BUSTED! Nigerian man bags 21 months imprisonment for UK sham marriage

Emilia Ginova, 22, was jailed today for posing as a blushing bride ready to walk down the aisle with her groom whereas she was paid £3,000 by Nigerian student Louis Esene on the day of the service to take part in the sham marriage in Pontypridd, South Wales. 
According to DailyMail,
A bogus bride was caught out because she 'flinched' when her phoney husband-to-be touched her knee in a register office. Emilia Ginova, 22, was jailed today for posing as a blushing bride ready to walk up the aisle with her groom.

But a court heard Ginova had only first seen Nigerian student Louis Esene on the day of the service - and was being paid £3,000 to take part in the sham marriage. She was caught out by an eagle-eyed registrar who spotted her shocked reaction when Esene, 28, reached out to touch her leg. Registration officer Donna Davies said: 'The groom tried to touch the bride’s knee but she looked very uncomfortable.

Nino Idibia, Tuface & Sunmbo's son is musically talented like his father. - Watch him play (Video)

Like father - like son! Nino has got his father's look, his talents, and i hope he doesn't score many goals like him lol. Well, his mama will surely take care of that. Isn't he just cute? Nice one little man.

Is that what I think it is? Fans notice Qatari World Cup stadium resembles female sex organ (Pix & Video)

Thousands of fans posted tweets likening Qatari World Cup Stadium to a woman's private parts - something that was almost certainly unintentional The private parts stadium was Designed by AECOM in association with Zaha Hadid Architects, the new 40,000-seat Al Wakrah Stadium is a proposed venue for matches during the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar It was Inspired by the dhow boat that carried generations of local fishermen and pearl divers, the stadium weaves together Qatar's past with its progressive vision for the future.

The design, topped with a structure resembling the sails of a dhow, is meant to tackle the Qatari searing heat and also includes a spectator area outside the ground that will be temperature controlled at 30C to 32C. The question of the heat during a summer tournament has been a one of several controversies since Qatar was announced as the winner of the bid in December 2010.
The plan gave no specific details how the cooling system would work, other than saying it would incorporate 'shading, aerodynamic and mechanical cooling components'

Boy bags 2 years & 8 months imprisonment for posting girlfriend's raunchy photos to facebook.

I  guess this should serve as a warning to guys/ladies who are fond of sharing raunchy photos of other people to social networks just to make fun of them or to get back at them. A 19-year-old boy in the northern Italian city of Monza, Lombardy, has been sentenced to 2 years and 8 months imprisonment and slapped with a €11,000 fine after posting compromising photos of his 14 years old girlfriend on Facebook.

The girl had sent the photos via the messaging service WhatsApp after the 19-year-old had requested that she send something "special" as proof of her feelings towards him. Despite promising to keep the photos to himself, the 19-year-old, along with two alleged accomplices, shared the photos with his classmates in which the girl was seen posing in her underwear, after which he posted the photos to Facebook, prompting a string of nasty comments.

Mona Lisa goes bald as though she had undergone chemotherapy in fight against cancer

An image of a hairless Mona Lisa is being used by an Italian charity in its latest bid to raise awareness of cancer and its impact. Da Vinci's muse appears completely bald, as though she has undergone chemotherapy, in a new campaign by the Bologna-based ANT Foundation designed to shock and raise awareness of the effect of cancer on sufferers' lives. The image, which the foundation describes as "disconcerting" and "bewildering", is designed to alter people's attitudes towards cancer.

"It aims to highlight the enormous impact cancer has on all aspects of life, including physical appearance, once you get over the initial shock, you realize that although it's different from what we're used to, the work of art hasn't lost any of its value." the charity said in a statement.

This idea is reflected in the slogan accompanying the campaign, which reads: "A tumour changes a life, but not its meaning." 
ANT Foundation Italy provides free home care to cancer patients in Italy and Europe, as well as psychological support to sufferers and their families.

APC politicians plan how to cover up after RIGGING Esan North East LG Election in Edo State. (Video)

Nigerian politicians hoodlums are so dubious that they can go extra length to win rig their elections. The video you are about to watch will shock some people while others who are used to the ways of Nigerian political hoodlums will say 'na their way'. 

Right before the LG election of last month, a chieftain of the PDP in Edo State, Chief Clifford Eineh, raised an alarm over the alleged plans by the APC to rig the council election in Esan North East LGA of Edo State.
In a statement, Eineh said, 
"We are using this opportunity to call on all security agencies to beef up their strategies to avert rigging and manipulations during the council election as scores of strange faces have invaded our communities ahead of the polls. We are more particularly concerned about the security of lives and property across Esan North East Local Government Area, especially the hinterlands like Uzea and several other villages in Uromi. We particularly call on the Inspector General of Police, IGP, the Edo State Commissioner of Police, the Department of State Services, DSS, and other security agencies to rise to the challenge of defending our nascent democracy as we have reliably gathered that there are plans by the APC - led government in Edo State to announce a concocted result on the council election in their favour from Government House, Benin City. Our people shall definitely resist any result that does not emanate from the election."

Orhionmwon LGA Chairman & 12 councillors suspended for abandoning their duties for holiday in Italy.

Hon. Roland Ibierutomwen the chairman of Orhiomwon LGA of Edo State has been suspended from office and all documents in his possession are to be handed to his vice with immediate effect. Hon. Roland Ibierutomwen was suspended along with his vice chairman, secretary of the local government and twelve elected councillors of the local government for abandoning their duties at Abudu for a trip to Italy without following due process.

On wednesday 13th Nov. the angry youths of Oriomwon Youth Congress (OYC) came out to speak and stand up for themselves by preventing the flow of traffic in protest over the corrupt activities of Hon. Roland Ibierutomwen, the L.G Chairman of the Orhiomwon, who travelled to Italy with his wife, daughter, secretary of the local government and 12 elected councillors at the expense of public fund.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Photos from Peter Okoye and Lola Omotayo's traditional marriage.

These are some of the pictures from the traditional marriage of Peter Okoye of P-Square and Lola Omotayo that took place yesterday in Lagos State. See the pix after the cut:

TWEET FIGHT: A fan calls Iyanya gay and Iyanya fires back. (See tweet)

Iyanya seriously can't take it no more. lol! 

Peter Okoye and kaffy dancing Personally at his wedding (Video)

Banky W Performs At Peter & Lola’s Traditional Wedding As Peter Dances Alone (Video)

Peter Okoye shares a stunning photo of his wife Lola Omotayo (Photos)

She is flawless! 
See more pix after the cut: