Friday, 18 October 2013

Kim Kardashian receives insults from fans over her post baby selfie she posted online.

Why do people keep hating on Kim K? I just don't get it. Someone tweeted, "I wish to be Kim Kardashian who is talented at being talentless" uchhh that was harsh and i guess that's why people keep hating on her. 
However, after she posted her banging post baby bikini body on instagram yesterday plus the response from Kanye West, her baby daddy, she trended all day and more people kept hating on her. When she was pregnant, she had a hard time with the media because she became the most criticized pregnant woman ever. Now that she has given birth and worked on getting her body back, people just won't give her a break. 
I really don't blame them, a photo from her could murder the self esteem of million, make them look fat and shapeless and even cause millions of breakup around the world. lol
See some of the negative comments from just one website and you can imagine how many hate she gets to deal with every time her picture shows up on the internet.
See the comments after the cut:

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