Friday, 21 June 2013

SHOCKING Response To Child Adoption In Nigeria. (A Must Watch Video)

BattaBox is back again with an interesting topic that brought out some alarming answers and findings. "Can Nigerians Adopt A Child?" 
Some random Lagosians were asked this question and majority of them gave some alarming and disappointing answers that will make anyone think Nigerians are wicked people.

One woman said, "It's not ideal, why would you adopt a child? You don't know that blood that gave birth to the child..when the child grows up, something may happen."

"I would not want to adopt a child because you may not know the gene of that child" Says one man.

Another woman said, "Of course i can adopt a child and raise them, you have to take care of the baby like your own. It's a very good idea, you adopt the child and bring the child up to your own tastes, sponsor their school, there is nothing bad about it."

"You need love to train a child and i don't think if you adopt a child, you will be able to pass on the love..." Says one woman.

Na wa oh! Nigerians with their low and retarded mentality. How can one say adoption is not acceptable? With more than 150 million population, we still have the mindset of producing more and over-populating the earth because of some tabooish mentality of ours.

There are so many women who cannot have their own kids but keep waiting on God for some miracles whereas they cannot raise some orphans because they are not of same blood; forgetting that God did not call us to love, raise and look after only own blood but anyone who is in need.

Ignorance is really a big disease and Nigerians should work on curing that disease. Most Nigerians are infected with this disease and having a university degree doesn't make you free from it.

Nigerians are wicked by nature. You go to church and pray to God, yet you lack empathy for others, you can't give home to the homeless because they are not your blood. 
Will Nigeria ever grow?  God bless those who adopting and supporting the orphans.  

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  1. some people are still living in the past. nonsense