Monday, 3 June 2013

I killed Ibrahim Because I had A Dream That I killed Two Armed Men - Police DPO Murderer 'Carol Afegbua'

Whenever you hear of any missing persons in Edo State, do not think afar because 90% of them are victims of the police whose primary aim is to protect lives and properties, ironically, they are the ones taking our lives either for fun or just because of mere dreams.

Some members of the Edo Political Forum in collaboration with Nigeria Bronze FM, went to the Ogida Police Station to speak with the DPO of the station, Mrs Carol Afegbua, in respect of the young man ibrahim, who was gruesomely and brutally murdered along Siluko Road, just 120 meters from his house. The police DPO contradicted her statement severally by saying:

  1. She had a dream on Sunday 26th May, 2013. In her dream, she personally killed 2 armed robbers . She added that she personally led a team of police men on monday 27th of May, 2013, looking for 2 armed robbers to kill, because her dreams always come true.
  2. She alleged that the young man (Ibrahim) was on bike with another man when they were stopped and rounded, and while they were questioning and searching him, they found a gun on him and then she personally shot Ibrahim twice on both legs and proceeded to take him to the police station which was 400 meters from the scene, but on the way to the station, Ibrahim died. (Just minutes after he was shot)
  3. When asked why she would shoot the victim even after he was surrounded, she said, she and her team were afraid that Ibrahim could overpower them and collect their guns, so she thought it wise enough to shoot the victim.
  4. When asked why they buried Ibrahim so quickly, even after discovering his mobile phone containing his family contact details, she said it was raining the next morning and they couldn't afford to keep the victim in the station for too long for fear that his corpse could have some kind of contagious disease which could be transmitted to his men in the station. So they proceeded to bury him as soon as possible.
Up till now, where Ibrahim Momodu was buried is still unknown. It still remains a puzzle to unravel if the body was used for rituals by the DPO 

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