Tuesday, 11 June 2013

WTF! Husband Of Police DPO Carol Afegbai Gave New Version Of The Killing Of Ibrahim Momodu & Asked For Justice.

SMH at the way this story keeps having new version and developing into something that it's not supposed to be. Read what Police DPO Carol Afegbai's husband had to say about the killing of Ibrahim Momodu.
Read his statement after the cut:
Mr. Adams Afegbai, husband of the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, Mrs. Carol Afegbai, alleged to have shot a 400 level Laboratory Science student of the University of Benin, Ibrahim Momodu, on May 27, 2013, has insisted that his wife was not responsible for the murder of the student. Speaking with our correspondent in an interview in Benin, yesterday, Afegbai, a retired police officer, appealed to the state government and the police authorities to ensure that justice was done in the case since it has been forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecution, DPP, for advice. According to him, “what I expect the police authorities and the state government to do in this case is justice. We want justice. They said the case has been forwarded to the DPP for advice, so, we want justice.” Giving an insight into what may have transpired on that fateful day, he said: “It is not true at all that my wife shot the boy. My wife as the DPO was on visiting rounds of her men on duty and she came there in her car, she was driving when she saw the police interrogating the rider of unregistered motorcycle. “Then, another boy was sitting as a passenger behind. My wife sitting in that car noticed that boy was working on a bag; he was opening the bag bringing out a gun and loading it. When my wife sighted the gun, she shouted at the police that the boy was carrying a gun. As the boy jumped down, a policeman shot at him. My wife did not shoot at anybody.” Adams explained that whatever was done was in self defense, saying that otherwise, they would have killed a policeman there. Reacting to actions so far taken by the police authorities and the state government and the police, he said; “Well, I will not comment on the action of the state government but I know the police has taken correct action although they may have been very slow; maybe they did not brief the Comrade governor on time, I will not know.” While noting that there is nothing wrong at all in the redeployment of his wife by the police, he disclosed that the boy who allegedly fired the shot that killed the student was in “protective” detention, adding that there was nothing wrong with that.

Can someone please tell them they don't know how to lie? I really hope justice is served.

Culled from NCN


  1. Don't mind the mumu family. i don't know who they are trying to deceive with the numerous stories..

  2. i'm sure the man thought his wife how to kill for fun.

  3. tell one lie and you av to tell a thousand to defend it, were you riding with ur wife on duty

  4. Something is seriously wrong with this couple. anyway, Im not too surprise, its only a man like snail that can find a snail in the bush. This man that supposed to cover his face in shame and full of regrets for the embarrassment his ill trained police wife has brought to his family, entire police force and the nation still has the temerity to cooked up some unknown soldier theory. Or is it because he was lucky enough to have got away with his own atrocities while in service? Where is the Okada man that carry the boy? At least if the boy had enough time to be loading the gun on top of a bike and you are able to discover that and to the point of shooting down the boy you equally had enough time on your hands to detain the bike man. so, where is the other man? It is either the whole story surrounding the shooting of the innocent student is a cooked up story or you are yet to tell us where you have secretly buried the other man.

    I have listened to part of the DPO story, where is this one coming from? If the husband knew so much he should have followed his for the interrogation. “Well, I will not comment on the action of the state government but I know the police has taken correct action although they may have been very slow; ..." YEA VERY SLOW TO COVER UP AS USUAL! Is that what you mean?

    -YOMI EO

  5. well if he's not an armed robber why he's carry a gun and ridding on bike. also think maybe this guy has also taken someone life. what goes around come around.