Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Gov. Adams Oshiomole Promised Justice & Fairness Over The Murder Of 400 Level Uniben Student By DPO Police Officer.

Edo State government has set up a panel on the killing of Ibrahim Momodu, a 22-years-old 400 level student of the University Of Benin, who was killed by the police DPO of Ogida Police Station.

Governor Adams Oshiomole of Edo State, promised to set up a panel of enquiry to unravel the facts behind the killing of Mr Ibrahim Momodu. The governor made the disclosure during a meeting with the family of the deceased and his colleagues at the University of Benin.

He said "What happened is very unfortunate. Anything that leads to death other than through a judicial pronouncement, as government, we will not tolerate. However, the police have offered their own explanation to us which is different from the narration by the students and the statement from the family."

The only thing all the sides agree on is that late Momodu was shot and killed. That is not in dispute but what is in dispute is why he was so killed. Whether the police killed in self defense or if he was killed because someone was trigger-happy."

He added that "every story has more than one side, particularly when it is of this nature. What we can do as a government is to try to establish the facts and have an open mind. I have listened to the statement made by the mother of late Momodu and i understand how she feels, being a father myself, everyone of us readily imagine the pain in her heart."
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"Whatever we do now will not bring Momodu back, but there are steps we can take to ensure we don't have another incident such as this and that is about all we are able to do. We will set up an enquiry, i will consult with the Ministry of Justice on the proper nature of the enquiry whether it will be an administrative enquiry or judicial enquiry so that we can establish some basic facts to enable us take the next decision."
"I'm not able at this point to say the police statement is not correct nor can i dismiss the claim of the family and the student's community that late Momodu was innocent. There is no empirical basis for me to reach a conclusion either way. In other to ensure there is justice and fairness, we do need to establish the facts as much as it is humanly possible. On the basis of the finding of that enquiry we would decide if someone is liable and the degree of that liability we can then take steps with the law to get justice."

"Be assured that we are with you at this hour, we can't replace a life that is lost but we can take steps to unmask the facts behind the killing and as a government we will ensure that law, justice and fairness prevail on the basis of the facts of the case."

He advised the students to be law abiding, saying, "no matter how much you protest, no matter the nature of violent protest, chances are that more people could be hurt or even killed, but the one already killed cannot come back, but i think you are entitled to as colleagues and comrade of late Momodu, to ensure that the truth, peace and justice prevails."

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