Tuesday, 11 June 2013

An Extrajudicial Killing Of An Alleged Armed Robber By DPO Carol Afegbai In Benin City (Video:GRAPHIC IMAGE)

This young man was shot in Benin city on 25th May, two days before the brutal murder of Ibrahim Momodu by DPO of Ogida police station in an alleged armed robbery attack. The 28-years-old Oghogho Esihigie was shot in an alleged armed robbery attack at the front of No.179 Siluko Road, Benin City, Edo State. He was shot in broad daylight by police DPO Carol Afegbai and was left to bleed to death.

The DPO of Ogida Police Station, Carol Afegbai, the same DPO who murdered Ibrahim Momodu was at a bar in the the resident drinking beer when she saw the boy passing on a boarding bike and shot him; after which she went to her patrol car and took the same type of gun she planted on Ibrahim Momodu and planted it on the victim, then left the young man to bleed to death.

This extrajudicial killing is now common in Nigeria and it is very heartbreaking to know that among the crowd, nobody was willing to help a dying man even if he was an armed robber. Human value now means nothing in Nigeria because people find pleasure in killing and seeing humans bleed to death. Everyone has become desensitized to the value of human life.

Meanwhile this amateur video shows that the police are poorly trained and CSP Carol Afegbai is into extrajudicial killing. The callousness of those charged with upholding the law and the glee of the onlookers seeing the distress of a dying man is really alarming. The people are now devoid of human emotions forgetting that it could be anyone and even the innocent. 
More pix and video after the cut:
Nigeria Government should wake up and do something about this extrajudicial killing and teach our police on how to adhere strictly to due process. I'm sure they all watched the killing of the soldier in london. They should ask themselves why those guys who killed the soldier were not shot to death. 

However, this video should serve as a deterrent to other want-to-be-criminals to desist from it. I'm not in support of armed robbery neither am i in support of extrajudicial killing. Everyone deserve a chance to be given a fair hearing.
This whole incident is making me believe the police are not our friends after-all. 

DPO Carol Afegbai voice was held all through the video. To know if it's really her voice, click HERE to the amateur video of her confession.


  1. the guy dont derserve to die cus he was only a suspect,the police should have saved him first so that they can question the suspect and investigate the case properly...these people are not train and educated police,they are trained assassins....fools

  2. carol Afegbai is a kill of innocent Soul.if na so make u ready go syria.as kill the innocent ones so ur innocent sons and daugthers will be shot to death.i trust me who kills by gun must surely be killed by gun.

    1. "Let your tongue not confess what your eyes have not seen."
      Let us not be quick to condemn Mrs Afegbai and her family, that we dont even know, when none of us has seen her actually shoot this boy.

  3. The spirit of all those that have unlawfully lost their lives through her will make her suffer that she will beg to die.

  4. If what she is doing is right in the sight of God,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if she is free from sin,,,,,,,,,,,God sees the heart of men,,,,,,,,,,,late DSP IYAMU,,,,,,,,,,die along side with,,,,,,,,ANINI,,,,,,,,OSUNBOR,,,,,and others,,,,,time will tell,,,,,,,,,,,but let turn from crime and,,,,,,,,,,stay away from evil,,,,,,,,,and look unto,,,,,,,,JESUS CHRIST our redeemer.............

  5. this woman na evilna so she take killboys for ikpobal hil