Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Linda Ikeji Versus Covenant University - Tweetbite (Must read hilarious tweets)

The trouble started when Linda Ikeji posted about a young man from Covenant University who committed suicide. Students from the university took to Twitter to protest against the false news, claiming it's a lie. 

Thou, Linda immediately deleted the post and apologized but she wasn't so fast for some smart ass students already saved it for reference purpose, and her apology didn't stop the outburst tweets on Twitter.

Anyways, twitter is flooded with #lindalies tweets and of course, this will make her trend the more.

Below are few of the many hilarious tweets i was able to screenshot from Twitter.

I died of laughter and woke up again. I beg oh....Linda was misinformed, she already apologized and make una let the matter die. lmfao
This is her apology
Hilarious tweets after the cut: