Wednesday, 3 April 2013

BUSTED: Linda Ikeji is a husband snatcher - Kemi Omololu Olunloyo

This thing with Kemi Omololu Olunloyo aka MadamGovernor has been going on for long, the explicit way she rants and not act her age i find irritating. Thou, i have really not bothered to write about  her and the tension between she and Linda Ikeji up till now because i didn't think it was necessary.  But i was wrong! Ms Kemi got irritated with the fact that Linda said she didn't know her. on the!

Ms Kemi took to her blog and Facebook page and stripped Linda naked. lol. Apparently, these two have got a bad history and i'm sure Linda forgot about it. Well, to cut the story short, Ms Kemi called Linda Ikeji a home-wrecker, and explained how she snatched her baby cousin's fiance a month to her wedding. #na wa are the badest babe# lol
Not wanting the story to get out of hand, Linda rendered her apology and promised never to write about Ms Kemi ever again. 
allroundgistblog, linda ikeji,
Linda don see wetin pass her oh.....her past has caught up with her and she is so busted.
uhmmm for once, she apologized lol....go girl, we love u still.

Screenshot from Ms Kemi truth about Linda after the cut:

linda ikeji, home wrecker, allroundgistblog,

Linda ikeji, allroundgistblog,

linda ikeji, allroundgistblog


  1. This girl na ashawo! I have been saying it and no body wants to believe it. She use her cunt to get all the advert contract then she comes out to say 'it's hard work' #hisssss#

    1. Na wa for you ooo. She don use her cunt collect contract from you before ni? Park well biko

    2. Maybe she once use her Cunt to Collect hmmmmmmm

    3. why don't you sell your own cunt or dick to make your own money? bad belle people.

    4. Na true self c jide y mtn no place ads the him no day hard working