Monday, 29 April 2013

Watch As Nollywood Actress Confessed To Be A Witch On Live TV (Video Proof)

When i heard that Nollywood actress Camilla Mberekpe confessed to be a "witch" on Sunday 28, April 2013 at TB Joshua's Synagogue Church of All Nation and the programme was broadcasted live, my curious mind didn't let me rest till i find out for myself.
Here is the video of her confession, it starts from 2:55:00
Na wa oh...watching it looks like watching her act. Thank God she is free oh and just like she said "My deliverance is permanent in Jesus Name"!!!!!
Enjoy watching.

Political Marriage In Italy - Joining Political Enemies To Form A Government. (Video)

CNN's Ben Wedeman reports on the political chaos in Italy and why the two major opposite parties came together to form one government. The political enemies have come together to form a government  of cat and dogs by joining both old and young enemies together. 
Italy happens to be the 3rd biggest economy in Eurozone and the 4th biggest in European Union. It will be a disaster to the World if their economy goes bad more than it already is. 

Stella Damasus Is NOT A Home-wrecker Nor An Husband Snatcher

The news about how nollywood actress, Stella Damasus snatched Daniel Ademinokan from his wife has been going on for some days but i didn't post about it because i wasn't sure of what really happened. But here is a blockbuster story for you from an insider about what really went down.

The story titled "Revelation about Daniel and Doris" was stent to celebrity blogger Stella Dimokokorkus. 
Before you judge, know some basic facts.
I have stood by in the last couple of days to see this drama about Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan unfold. I have read countless blogs, reviews and comments from all over the world and I have come to the conclusion that people have no clue what they are talking about. 
I LIVED WITH DANIEL AND DORIS FOR ABOUT 4 YEARS SO I CAN TELL YOU FACTS! Not hear say or assumptions. I will even mention names that can be verified. 
Let us not be distracted by this stunt that uncle Daniel just pulled with the party and the gift. Let us focus on the root of this matter. When we know the foundation, we will know how to direct our anger and “insults”.

See the Wedding Pictures Of Pastor Sign Fireman & His 22-Years-Old Sweetheart.

Pastor Sign Fireman who is known for style of publicity using hot girls in Lagos, has finally walked down the aisle. He got married over the weekend to a 22 years old sweetheart. 
More photos after the cut:

My intention was to shot the politicians - Luigi Preiti, the man who shoot policemen outside Italy PM's office (shocking video footage)

While Italy's new Prime Minister, Enrico Letti, was being sworn in yesterday Sunday April 28,2013, at the presidential palace, a gunman (Luigi Preiti) shoot and wounded two national police officers (Carabinieri) outside the prime minister's office and a pregnant woman sustained minor injury from falling to the ground with her husband and son while the shooting was going on.
Luigi Preiti, the gunman, has been living with his parents following the separation from his wife and job loss for the past two years, ever since, he has been unable to secure another job.  He confessed to the police that his intention was to shot at the politicians.

The brother of Luigi said "Luigi is not derange and has never suffered from psychiatric pathology. We are shocked and we cannot explain what could have led to this." while his ex-wife said "Luigi is not the person you have painted him to be, he is a good person." 

Both the newly sworn in Prime Minister and some other government officials have gone to see the two victims who are recovering in the hospital. One of the victims suffers a bone marrow damage, thou doctors said he will survive it.
Watch the video footage and more photos after the cut:

Photos From Mercy Johnson Daughter's Dedication In Lagos.

Sultry Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie and husband, dedicated their daughter yesterday in Lagos and here are some pictures from the dedication and reception.

More pix after the cut:

Sunday, 28 April 2013

In One Word, Caption This Head. (Hilarious Photo)

I'm seriously trying not to laugh at this photo...! Is this what people refer to as 'hammer head of horror'?
I beg, help me out oh...lwkmd.

Vote PDP and Drink Water From The Stream. (Hilarious Photo)

Good things happen when you vote PDP, like drinking water from the stream. 
I'm no PDP hater oh...! I saw and i posted. lolllzzzzzz

Mercy Johnson Okojie & Husband Dedicated Their Daughter, Purity Okojie, Today.(Photo)

Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie and husband, Prince Odi Okogie, dedicated their 4-months-old bundle of joy, Purity Okojie, in their home in Ajar, Lagos.

Out of 1.7m JAMB Students,1.2m Students Will Not Gain Admission To Universities - Minister of Education.

The Minister of Education, Prof. Ruqqayatu Ahmwd Rufa'l, has said that out of 1.7 million students that sat for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), 1.2 million may not be able to gain admission to universities of their choice.

The minister added that barely 520,000 space is available for Federal, States and Private institutions in the entire nation. She made this statement yesterday during an inspection of students that sat for the examination in Abuja. 

The minister who wondered what would happen to the 1.2 million students that will not gain admission this year said, "I watch them taking the exam with all seriousness, i feel the pain that most of them will not gain admission in the long run. Only 520,000 students may be able to gain admission in all the nation's tertiary institutions. We are calling on people to understand the situation and also urging states to continue to open up access to education."

"We need to take care of everybody" She said rhetorically, "what are we going to do with 1.2 million candidates in terms of our readiness to the carrying capacity? We will not expand our carrying capacity simply to accomodate these students without expansion of the facilities. We are calling for improvement in access and private partnership. Let us have more private bodies that can come out to have private institutions."

Naija which way??????

Karrueche Tran is Better Than Rihanna,Get A Better Girlfriend Son - Clinton Brown, Chris Brown's Father

Chris Brown's father, Clinton Brown, 48, told The Sun that he thinks Chris and Rihanna are too similar to maintain a steady relationship and that their union could end up in tragedy.

He hinted that the 2009 row that led to Rihanna being beaten up by Chris wasn't one sided. He said, "one has to assume because they are back together that it wasn't one sided."

"You just have to imagine that it was a circumstance in which they both had a disagreement. However, the fact that the incident, or more accurately, the photograph of Rihanna's bruised and bleeding face after it happened is still very much at the front of people's minds."

He also thinks that the intense public scrutiny that follows the pair's every move and their similar natures will make it hard for their love to thrive.
More gist after the cut

Cristiano Ronaldo Denies Cheating On Girlfriend With Miss BumBum Of Brazil. See Tweets!

Cristiano Ronaldo denied cheating on his girlfriend with Brazilian model 'Andressa Urach' who won the title "Miss BumBum" in a catwalk competition. The 27 years old miss bumbum told The Sun that 28 years old Real Madrid striker slept with her in £12,500-a-night Villa Magna hotel just 48 hours before his team lost 4-1 to German side Borussia Dortmund in Champions League semi finals.
She added that it happened a day after the striker was seen leaving a restaurant in Madrid with is girlfriend Irina Shayk, a Russia beauty who is known as one of the world's top swimwear and lingerie models.
But last night Cristiano denied the allegations via Twitter.

See his tweets after the cut:

President Obama Diss Media & Political Foes At This Year's White House Correspondents' Dinner.

After his rap entrance music, President Obama entertained 3,000 guests with controversial jokes at this year's White House Correspondents' Dinner on range of subjects from Jay-Z, his wife's haircut and his political foes.

He said his advisers said he should stick to the traditional format and make jokes knocking himself down a peg or two.
He added: "After four and a half years, how many pegs are there left."
"I still make rookie mistakes", he said, "Like i'm out in California, we are at a fundraiser, we are having a nice time and i happened to mention that Kamala Harris is the best looking attorney general in the country. As you might imagine, i got trouble when i got home. Who knew Eric Holder was so sensitive?:
He referenced his likeness to the Satan actor in The History Channel's show "The Bible" saying that maybe the channel didn't attend because they were too embarrassed for associating him with evil. He then added, "That never stops Fox News from turning up, they thought that comparison was not fair to satan."
On his appearance, the president noted his graying hair and presented a picture of himself photoshopped with Michelle Obama style bangs. He said he wanted a little energy and a bit of change for his second term with the new look.

He also acknowledge his controversial celebrity relationships and his rap star pal's trip to Cuba, he said, "I have got 99 problems and now JayZ is one."
Watch and enjoy the full speech after the cut:

"Back To Black" - Beyoncé And Andre 3000! What Do You Think Of It?

Last week, a snippet of the remake favorite song of the late Amy Winehouse "Back To Black", hit the internet, but it was quickly taken down because of the negative review it got. The song was remade by Beyonce and Andre 3000. 
The full version of the song has now been released. It will be featured on the soundtrack for the new "The Great Gatsby" film.

According to Amy's dad, "Beyonce didn't bring anything to the song."

Do you think they did justice to it?

Listen to the original version of the Late Amy Winehouse after the cut:

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Political Hoodlums: Member of Edo State House Of Assembly goes to LG electoral centre with a pump-action.

This is terrible! This man with pump-action is Honorable Abdulrazak Momoh aka Starblack, a member of the Edo State House of Assembly representing Etsako West 1 constituency and an ACN political party member. It is alleged that he went to an Edo State Local Government voting centre with the intention of killing one Honorable Gani Audu. 

What sort of leaders do we have in Nigeria? We are being lead by hoodlums and thieves. When a leader behaves like this, what should one expect from his followers?