Thursday, 31 January 2013

Christianity Gone Wrong! Pastor Fired Waitress Over 18% Tip Scandal.

An Applebee's waitress, Chelsea Welch, who posted a receipt with a note from a pastor complaining about the "18% tip" added to the bill on the internet was fired on Wednesday after the pastor complained to her manager.

The pastor who has been identified as Alois Bell, told Chelsea's manager that the critics she got from public over the receipt has ruined her reputation as a pastor.

Alois, who is a pastor at Truth in the World Deliverance Ministries Church, was not amused when the receipt she wrote " I give God 10% why do you get 18" went viral on the internet and she went on to make complains.

A spokesman for Applebee's said it apologized to Alois for violating her right to privacy and confirmed that Chelsea is no longer employed by the franchise.

Meanwhile, all sort of negative comments have flooded Pastor Bell's internet website

I really feel sorry for the waitress but i feel more sorry for the pastor because she is in for a very big trouble. Read some of the below comments people left on her website and you will understand what i mean.

Bishop Davide Oyedepo gets 700 Brand New Cars As Offerings From Church Members.

 According to sources, during Winners Chapel Cross Over service on Tuesday January 1st in Canaanland, Ota, Ogun state, worshipers of the church made donations of over 700 exotic cars to the church. People who felt they had been richly blessed in 2012 came to the cross over service with different donations, most significant was the number of exotic brand new cars and SUVs that flooded Canaanland.

The people who donated them dropped the keys and documents of the cars during offering. The church auctioned the cars at very cheap prizes to its members. Some cars were sold for as less as N300k.

Church business is really booming

Racial Wahala: Coke Super Bowl Advert Said To Be Racist By Arab-Americans! [Video]


Is this commercial racist or are the muslims taking it too far?

NBC Reports:
Arab-American groups have sharply criticized a Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad depicting an Arab walking through the desert with a camel, and one group said it would ask the beverage giant to change it before CBS airs the game on Sunday before an expected audience of more than 100 million U.S. viewers. 
“Why is it that Arabs are always shown as either oil-rich sheiks, terrorists, or belly dancers?” said Warren David, president of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, or ADC. 
Coca-Cola released an online teaser of the commercial last week, showing the Arab walking through a desert. He soon sees cowboys, Las Vegas showgirls and a motley crew fashioned after the marauders of the apocalyptic “Mad Max” film race by him to reach a gigantic bottle of Coke.

#Nigerian #Politician Are #Thieves! #Comrade Adams #Oshiomole Is A Wolf In Sheep Clothing.

I drove pass Mega filling station along sapele road and and saw some kids selling Oranges, I was drawn to the kids and asked them why they are not in school at this hour and they replied that they need to sell those oranges to be able to afford what to eat for the day.. 

I asked the children where they were from and to my greatest shock they both replied Edo state, one of them said the mother was very sick and her father was deceased and she had to sell oranges everyday to be able to look after her dying mother and also that she stopped going to school since primary 2.... 

Now Analyze this: A government spends billions of Niara buying SUVs for the already rich class of Edo state while the poorest, most vulnerable and impoverished people of the state are left to continue to wallow in poverty and total neglect.

MUSIC VIDEO: Tonto Dikeh's Official Music Video "It's Ova" Is Out.

 The much anticipated music video of Nollywood actress turned musician, Tonto Dikeh, is finally here and it's titled "it's Ova" and it was directed by Gbemi Philips Productions. The music/video has so far gotten more negative critics than positive. And as far as i'm concerned, it's ok but i prefer her being an actress. #just saying oh#

EFCC Arrest 20 Internet Fraudsters In Benin City, Nigeria.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has arrested twenty suspected internet fraudsters. The arrest, which was carried out in a joint operation with officers of the 4 Brigade of the Nigerian Army, Benin, followed intelligence report on their activities. They were nabbed in a surprise raid on their Cyber office tucked in an old building located on Siluko Road, Benin City.

At the point of arrest, the fraudsters had in their possession forty five (45) laptops of different make, twenty eight (28) telephone sets, eight (8) internet mobile modems and one Nissan car with registration number USL 375 AG.

The suspected fraudsters who are mostly in their twenties includes: Idehen Obabueki, Adesa Lucky, Usuagu Uche, Eloghosa Olikiabor, Larry Edomwonyi, Amowie Maike, Francis Ezegbede, Itua Samuel and Endurance John Egbeifo. Others are Amego Ovenseri, Iyen Ighodaro, Philip Agbodori, Lucky Robinson, Nnadi Obinna, Osabuohien Osahon, Chinenu Eze, Peter Sunday, Solomon Ogu, Niyi Femi and Osagie Aghedo.
The suspects have made useful statements. Most of them confessed to be engaged in online dating of foreigners particularly widows. They also confessed to using different pseudo names and faces to deceive their prospective victims. They will be charged to court as soon as investigation is concluded.
Just wondering how many years sentence for them because we know someone ''stole'' billions recently and got 2 years or pay 750K.
Hmmmm...... EFCC, please go after the looters first and see if these young men won't stop whatever you claim they did.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Find out how #ladies GRADE #men. (Hilarious #BMV Video)

Why do people, especially ladies, go for outlook and material things?
This is a BMV advert that tells it all; even though it's very hilarious, but it so disturbing that our generation lacks "value".

I'm sure BMV will lose a lot of customers with this advert. lol

Dear readers, My husband infects me with STDs, what should i do?

Am so confused right now.

I'm a lady of 27 years, married with two kids, all boys. My hubby has been cheating with different women. 

I'm not fat,i don't nag him,i try to look good specially for him, i keep my home and my boys clean,so I don't think the fault is from me. 

The worst part of everything is that he always claims that he is single thus promising them marriage. The last lady got so mad that she threatened to kill my kids just to get back at my hubby for deceiving her. 

My hubby doesn't use condoms with them thus they always talk about missing their period which will later come out. yes, I used to see his messages, and again he always infects me with one STDs or another anytime we make love. 

I've already been praying about this but I still need some practical advice so that I can be able to protect my little boys from any revenge-seeking woman friend and also protect my self from contacting HIV. 

He always crys and begs anytime he is caught, but just give him 1 week, he will leave the old girl and get a new one.

Pls help me oo...what do i do?

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

#SOCCER: AC Milan closes deal on #Mario Balotelli.

Manchester City striker, Mario Balotelli has signed a four and half years deal with AC Milan.

I always knew this dude was going to play for AC Milan when he was still with Inter Milan.
Welcome to my club!!!

VIDEO SHOCK! I Introduced Whitney Houston To Cocaine Not Bobby Brown - Michael Houston Confesses.

Whitney Houston's brother says HE is to blame for introducing the singer to drugs like crack cocaine back in the 80s … not Bobby Brown … and last night he came clean to Oprah.
Michael Houston sat down with his mother Cissy and spilled his guts to Oprah on "Oprah's Next Chapter" … admitting he was the first person who did drugs with Whitney.
Michael says he feels extremely guilty for Whitney's death — but says he didn't realize how deadly drugs could be when he first brought them to Whitney's doorstep … explaining, "You gotta understand at the time … the 80s … it was acceptable."
Houston adds, "It’s painful … I feel responsible for what I let go so far." 
Whitney died in Beverly Hills last February after a drug binge that included ‘yayo’, Xanax and ‘kush’.

Hollyweirdness! Check out what #Blue Ive, #Beyoncé's daughter would act like when she is grown up.

Have you ever wondered what Blue Ivy Carter, the only child of Beyoncé and Jay-Z would act like when she is all grown up?

Here is a tip of the iceberg for

Urgent #Valentine Message From #Naija Boys To Naija Babes.

Dear Women,

*Valentine died for love, 
*Romeo also died for love, 
*Jack in titanic died for love, 
*Samson in the Bible died for love,
*Greek heroes Hercules & Archilles died 4 love,
*And even Jesus Christ died for love
... Wetin?! Haba !!!
where are the women?
Una no sabi die? 
Abi na only gift Una sabi collect? 
After Una go talk say boys no dey try. 

No Gift again this valentine unless una give us 10 names of women wey die for love. 
Oya! We dey wait...!

Naija Lover! Nigerian Man Tattooed Nigeria's Coat Of Arm On Himself.

This Nigerian man tattooed Nigeria's Coat of Arms on his back. I really can't figure out what pushed him into doing such a thing but i guess he really loves his Country. #lol#
 This is patriotism at it's peak!

Beyoncé Lip Synced Because She Didn't Know The Words To The National Anthem. (Funny video)

According to, it was good Beyoncé lip synced the American National Anthem for the inauguration of President Obama last weekend because she didn't know the words to the National Anthem. 
These people are so hilarious and i just couldn't stop laughing after i watched and listened to the video. Watch and hear for yourself the trash they claimed queen Bey sang. 

Watch the real video after the cut:

Celebrity Activities: Timaya Pimped Mercedes BenZ G Wagon To Taxi

Timaya is really out to make a difference with his music as he pimped a Mercedes BenZ G Wagon to a taxi for the video shoot of his song "Manogede" ft Terry G.

The music video was shoot in Lagos, Nigeria,  and was directed by Gini.

More pictures after the cut:

Monday, 28 January 2013

#Memories! This is dedicated to all Edolites of Nigeria.

This is one great music that always takes me down memory lane and Chris was a great source of inspiration to many who knew and heard his music.

R.I.P Chris I.D

FASHION HISTORY: The reasons why men stopped wearing high heel shoes.

From the late 16th Century until the early 18th, high heels were a men's fashion, and then a unisex fashion trend in Europe. Then, slowly, high-heeled shoes fell out of favor for men. As the BBC reports, the story of how heels became popular and why is one of orientalism, gender, power, and privilege.
It turns out that it all started because of the Persian military. High heels make riding into battle easier: unlike a potentially slipper flat-soled shoe, a heel is something the wearer can hook into the stirrup for stability when riding in adverse conditions. That makes it easier to do things like fire your bow while galloping towards an enemy army. The Persian army under Shah Abbas I had some of the most fearsome cavalry in the world, and when the Shah sent the first Persian diplomatic mission to Russia, Germany, and Spain in 1599, it started a fashion trend for heeled boots.
As the BBC explains:
Persian style shoes were enthusiastically adopted by aristocrats, who sought to give their appearance a virile, masculine edge that, it suddenly seemed, only heeled shoes could supply. As the wearing of heels filtered into the lower ranks of society, the aristocracy responded by dramatically increasing the height of their shoes — and the high heel was born.
By the 1630s, women's shoes were growing heels — part of a wider trend for men's wear influenced styles, including touches like epaulets (the "boyfriend jeans" of their day, apparently). These newly popular styles had wide, stacked heels for engineering reasons. This was centuries before the discovery, allegedly by Roger Vivier, that adding a skinny steel shank to a high heel would allow a body's weight to be carried on a heel no wider than a pencil. But though the heel shape was different, the heights involved could be quite comparable to those of modern women's shoes: Louis XIV added 4" of height to his 5'4" frame by wearing heeled shoes. Louis XIV also started a trend for wearing shoes with heels that were painted red. (After that caught on among the plebs, he changed France's sumptuary laws to restrict red-heeled shoes to members of the royal court.) Charles II of England's coronation portrait depicts him wearing red-heeled shoes.

Naija weirdness! D'banj joined illuminati and sold his soul to the devil - Majek Fashek.

Majek Fashek, Nigerian veteran reggea musician dissed D'banj in his recent interview with NET.
He expressed his feelings concerning Nigerian music and he said'
"I like Wizkid and 2face, they play good music, I don’t like that other boy called D’banj, those ones that went to join Illuminati. How can you go and sell your soul to the devil because you want to be famous. I don’t even like his music anyway"

lolzzz i guess he was high on drug when he made that statement. lol
Anyways, i guess they both sold their souls to the D'banj allegedly sold his soul to illuminati, so is Majek to cocaine. 

Rick Ross Escaped Death When His Car Was Sprayed With Bullets After His Birthday Party.

American rapper, Rick Ross escaped death after his Roll Royce was sprayed with bullets in a drive-by-shooting and his car crashed into a building while trying to escape the shooting on his way home from his 37th birthday party which he celebrated in company of Puff Daddy, Christina Milian and some other celebrities.
Rick Ross, whose real name is William Roberts and his current girlfriend Shateria L. Moragne-el, who was in the car with him were not injured. 

More pictures after the cut:

Stupid Thought Of The Day! #Ladies And #Fashion

Hey ladies, i'm not trying to hate here, either big or small, we are all beautiful and that shouldn't stop us from knowing what's good for us. Just because some clothes comes in different sizes doesn't mean you should wear them. Know and wear what suits you! 

Nigerian Musician Kicked Out Of Home Weeks After Marriage For Wife Battering.

An upcoming musician, Gbemi Adetuberu, married to Ibadan society lady and interior decorator, Laide, has been booted out of the latter’s apartment allegedly for physical assaults barely three weeks after their society wedding on November 8, 2012, at one of the Akure branches of RCCG. Mrs Olaide Adetuberu reportedly sent her husband, Mr. Gbemi Adetuberu, out of her apartment for allegedlly making the heat in the kitchen unbearable for her with his endless beatings.

It was alleged that Gbemi was seen 20 days after the N4m wedding, beating the living daylight out of his wife in Lagos during an event that had foreign guests in attendance. The interior decorator was said to have kept mum over the battery allegation but eventually did opened the Pandora box after getting the nod of her lawyer. The lady confirmed that she had been through hell in the hands of her husband.

She described her husband, Gbemi, as a violent husband whom she had hoped would change in marriage. Hear her: “He used to beat me even before we got married, but I believed he would change once we got married. I was wrong.”

TRAGEDY: Italian Footballer Dies On Football Pitch.

Another tragedy striks in Italy as a 34 years old Soleto (An amateur team) footballer by the name Alessio Miceli dies on the football pitch while playing against Corigliano for the second category championship.

Alessio collapsed on the football pitch of Soleto, in the province of Lecce, Italy. He slumped to the ground at first and his teammates thought he was lacing his shoes, then he got up and slumped again and this time, resuscitation was useless. The doctor confirmed that he was killed by aneurysm. 

May his soul rest in peace!

lol...After #God, Fear #Women!

Is this true?

#Agbani Darego Dazzle The Cover Of ThisDay Style & Sets To Launch Her Denim Jeans Line.

Agbani Darego, former MISS WORLD, covers last sunday's issue of Thisday Style. In her interview, she talked about her life and the launch of her denim line, AD by AGBANI DAREGO and she described AD as a range of jeans, dresses and bags for the young modern women who loves luxury and loves to look good but want it at an affordable price point.

What a stand-out beauty!
View more photos after the cut:

CRIME NEWS: Police nabbed husband & wife robbery team in Osun State, Nigeria.(Video)

If Nigerian governments feel the pains of the masses, i'm sure things like this would not have been happening. They steal millions yet no one parades them like this. Shame on Nigerian Government. #SMH#

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Inspirational Thought Of The Day! #Marriage & It's Ups And Downs.

I read this somewhere and decided to share. Enjoy reading and don't forget to learn from it.


I, Sarah Adams take you, Lawson Kuti as my lawful wedded husband, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, till death do us part” she smiled at him through her veil.

“You may now kiss your bride Mr. Lawson” The Pastor beckoned.

Lawson’s heart raced as he gently unveiled his bride’s face. She looked so beautiful. He gently bent over and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Sarah in turn embraced him tightly with tears of joy streaming down her face.

“Never leave me Sarah” He whispered in her ear.

“I will never leave you” she whispered and they slowly released themselves from the embrace.

“I present to you the latest couple!” The Pastor exclaimed excitedly

The church cheered and Sarah cried more in her husband’s arms

5 years Later

Friday, 25 January 2013

Ladies..., Be Wise, Be Vigilant & Don't Be At The Losing End.

He won’t use condoms
U use pills… why?
Cos he wants it natural (ovarian cancer n infertility in view )
He gets u pregnant
U have aborted like 5 times….why? 
Cos he is not ready!#gbam
Cos he is tired of natural place for copulation
He moves to ur ass
Saying its tighter
Then u begin to lick n smell ….why?
Cos u want to please and not loose him (ODE)
You av been wearing his engagement ring 4 close to 4yrs
He is not wearing any …why?
Cos he has promised u marriage 
#May God help u#

Continue after the cut:

OMG! #Stephanie Linus Okereke & Her Hubby Look Cute together In New Photoshoot.

Nollywood diva, Stephanie Linus Okereke, posted this pix to instagram and she captioned it "Endless legs".
Uhmmm.....her legs are really so endless and i'm so loving this duo together.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Kogi State Banned Female Teachers From Wearing Trousers To School.

Nigerians with their misplaced priorities. 

Kogi State government has banned female teachers in the public primary and secondary schools from wearing trousers during school hours.

The state Commissioner for Education, Mrs. Grace Elebiyo during a press briefing on Wednesday warned that any female teacher caught violating the order will face disciplinary action.

Elebiyo said this new order came after some female teachers in the state were caught violating their professional code of dressing.

I wonder how wearing of pants affects quality education...Nigerians with their retard mentality. 

EXCLUSIVE: The True Profession Of Woman With The World's Biggest Hips Unveiled.

When it comes to the media, you just can't keep a secret for too long.
The media has unearthed the true profession of the woman with the biggest hips in the world.
Mikel Ruffinelli's true professsion is …click here  uhmmm 
Anyway, watch after the cut as she twerk her surplus cake 

VIDEO: Michael Buble And His Model Wife, Luisana Lopilato, Are Expecting Their First Child.

It looks like this is a baby making year! :-)

37 years old Canadian singer, Michael Buble, and his Argentine model wife, Luisana Lopilato, 27, revealed they are expecting their first child today through a homemade video, showing the first sonogram picture of their unborn child on Luisana's official website.

The duo met in 2008 and got engaged in 2009. He wrote his hit song "Haven't Met You Yet" for her and featured her in the music video.
They got married in 2011 in two ceremonies, one in Buenos Aires and in his home town of Vancouver in Canada.

Watch the video after the cut:

VIDEO: Watch How A Baby Miraculously Survived A Tragic Accident.

I sometimes wonder how some people drive, especially when there are other lives in their hands.
Watch this video and see how a baby miraculously survived a what would have been a dreadful accident after been thrown out of a moving car that collided with a trunk in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. 
I wonder what the driver was thinking....anyways, thank God nothing tragic happened. 

NATURE WEIRDNESS! A Man Found An Egg Inside Another Egg.(Video)

Sometimes, i see some unimaginable things that makes me go gaga. What will you do if you break a chicken egg shell to find another egg inside? 

Well, that was the case of an Australian man, Sean Wilson, who thought he had the largest egg in the world with the weight of 200grams, and was ready to make it go viral via youtube. Little did he know that nature had another surprise for him. He broke open the egg shell to find another egg inside. 

Most people classified the video as fake, but according to experts, the phenomenon can occur in nature and it has a scientific explanation.
It's like having a child inside a child. lol...I'm sure the hen did a C-section and went through a terrifying and traumatic egg-delivering. lol.... What an eggsperience!
I just hope the hen's ass is still intact. lmao 

Watch the video after the cut:

May D Joins The League Of New Fathers In Nigerian Entertainment Industry

2013 seems to be the year to be more responsible.
May D just joined the league of new fathers in the entertainment industry, after his girlfriend, Debola delivered a baby boy today.

The singer, Akinmayokun Awodumila, announced the good news via micro-blogging, Twitter. When he posted: “I just had a sure baby boi”.
Congrats to them both.


When a poor,skinny black boy announced that he wanted to be the President of the USA, America laughed at him. He wasn't rich, wasn't experienced and wasn't WHITE. And YET, today, that boy is the PRESIDENT OF the USA

When an old, poor, ugly woman auditioned for the British show, BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT, the judges laughed at her. She was old,dirty,ugly and shaggy. BUT the 47-year old SUSAN BOYLE amazed the World with her vocals,won the competition, and has sold 100 million copies of her first album!


Milan Piqué Mebarak, the son of Shakira and Pique has already started wearing a personalized accessary. 
His father twitted his first picture of him wearing a personalized pair of Nikes. 
I'm sure he will either grow up to be a model or a footballer. 

Saturday, 12 January 2013

LAUGH IT OUT! A Letter From Nollywood Comic Actor, Okey Bakassi To God

Dear Almighty Sir,

I don’t know what time it is in your area so I’ll simply say good day Sir. I’m very grateful for making me experience 2013 and I’m sorry for all my sins in 2012.
I would have promised not to sin in 2013 but I don’t want to lie because you already know my future. Please help me be a better and more successful person this year. Also
 protect and bless my family, friends and fans.

I hereby present some personal issues before you:

1] Will Nigeria be better this year or ever? If no I seek your approval to go and take up citizenship somewhere else but if yes be fast before they empty our treasury and our oil wells run dry.

2] Please help us with the exchange rate. Help de Naira catch up with the dollar.

3] Have you relocated Hell to Nigeria? If no, what are Boko Haram and Kidnappers doing here?

4] Do we allow GEJ do another term? If no please do something before we ‘Occupy Everywhere’.

5] Adjust the brain of our youths so that their savings will end up in bank accounts not boutiques and night clubs.

6] There are more diseases now than brands of condom available. What do we do? Urgent answer required.