Saturday, 24 November 2012

Honourable Samson Okwu,Member of House of Representative, declares he is above the law.

Is there anyone above the law?
It is only in Nigeria people think they are above the law.
Just like the case of Honourable Samson Okwu, member of the House of Representative, who represents Uju/Obi federal constituency of Benue State; and was arrested by Vehicle Inspection Officers for beating traffic law. 

He allegedly told the officers on duty that rules should be bent for their sake; adding that the VIO officials wouldn't have the guts to stop a vehicle with sirens driving against traffic as they did to him, describing their action as an act of insubordination.

“That is why I am telling you that in a government there are people that are allowed to bend some of the laws. There are rules, I explained to the gentleman, but he wanted to use his position to intimidate me but my car is carrying a government number that is why they gave me that number. So if he is using his uniform as a government personnel, I am using my number.”
“You know in law there is an exception that is why you see ministers use siren because you have exigencies. I am going to attend a function with the minister of finance this morning. I was there for over one hour plus. You do expect me to remain there because I do not have siren. That does not mean that I shouldn’t go but I was there, I do not know the exercise that was going on here keeping cars here, I think it is indiscipline,” Okwu told news men.
Is this there anybody above the law?
If the leaders can not lead properly, how will the followers follow properly?
I wonder o.....!

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