Friday, 31 August 2012



Longstanding manager of 50 Cent, Mariah Carey, P.Diddy killed himself over ex-wife

44 years old Hip-hop bigwig, Chris Lighty, shot himself in the head after an argument with ex-wife inside his Brox apartment.

He was a longstanding manager of 50 Cent, P.Diddy, Ja Rule, Mariah Carey and has worked with artists including Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip, Missy Elliott, Fantasia, Mya, Simmons, Nas, LL Cool J etc.

Chris turned so many rappers from the street into millionaires and philanthropist.

The US law enforcement sources confirmed that Lighty has been dealing with financial struggles including owning $5 million to the IRS.

Musicians flocked to twitter to pay their tribute....

Nicki Minaj photoshopped her face over Beyoncé's picture

 Beyoncé's observant fans noticed that Nicki Minaj's twitter avatar was a photo of Beyoncé with Minaj's face photoshopped on top.
Thou Beyoncé's fans think Minaj is not responsible for it because she wouldn't have the time for that but after it was pointed out, the photo was removed with no acknowledgement to whether it was a joke, a mistake or anything.
Even if she was not responsible for the photoshopping, I think it's kind of weird not to remember how she looks like.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

OMG...This Girl Is So Mean.....rodflmao

I hope this doesn't stress your already stressed Thursday



I'm speechless......!


According to what National Enquirer magazine reported, Rich Oganiru`s name might not really ring a bell again but he`s one of Nollywood`s very good actors and stakeholders.

In fact, he prides himself as one of the pioneering members of the Actors Guild of Nigeria and has starred in over 300 movies.
If you`re still in doubt because he`s presently battling a murder scandal for his alleged involvement in the complicity leading to the death of a very rich Abuja based multimillionaire businesswoman believed to be his wife.

National Enquirer gathered reliably is not his first wife, the first wife also died mysteriously years back and he was in a very poor state of life before he met the Abuja based multimillionaire who transformed his life in a matter of months.

Rich Oganiru, according to those who know him, he loves money and attention almost to a fault, aside that, he also likes blowing his own trumpet as he always praises himself, “I have starred in over 300 movies, I am the Corporate Marketing Consultant to the Abuja Chapter of AGN, a high flying Evangelist called to lead the skilled and unskilled gifted in art to realize their God`s given potentials in the Kingdom. I am the General Overseer of Davidical Order Ministry, we discover, develop, expose, empower and evangelise musicians, actors, and artistes to be relevant in their different churches- a non denominational outreach for the entertainment industry”, his self appraisal on facebook page.

David Guetta of "when love takes over" renewed 20 years marital vows.

 This is one of those hard-to-believe stories.
David Guetta, 44 years old superstar producer and international best selling DJ recently celebrated 20 years renewal of vows to his wife Cathy Guetta in an intimate ceremony with close friends and family in Ibiza, Spain.
One could hardly believe he was married talk less of being marriage for 20 years...these things happen only when love truly takes over. Kudos man!!!


 Happy married life to both of them....she so deserves to be happy and i wish he is up to the task.

Al Pacino @ 72....Rough & Sexy!

Al Pacino looks every inch his 72 years of age as he strolled out for a coffee break with a rather wrinkled skin and haggard appearance that makes him look like he just strolled out of bed.
This dude still got the look most people of his age would kill to have.
I love this man to pieces and his look is an offer i wouldn't want to refuse at 72...uhm...rough and sexy!

Watch As Two Nigerian Ladies Openly Fought Over A Man

I heard in Houston, most Nigerian ladies go extra length for money and men and that it's another version of Ajegunle; plus there is no weekend without party and women getting into fights over guys.
According to source, aside Nigeria ladies being ever ready to battle with any lady who dare hang out with their men, another crazy thing about Houston is the never ending beef among fellow Africans especially Nigerians who go extra length to destroy others with their mouth.

Watch as two grown adults fight in a shameful manner and other fellow Nigerians urge them to continue with the fight.
Most of our brothers and sisters abroad are just not civilized as we imagine them to be and it reminds me of the saying "A goat is always a goat no matter where you take it to".

Photo Of The Day!

Karen Igho on bikini
Will you call her an African Celebrity or an African Junk?

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Watch and find out for yourself how many boyfriends a Nigerian girl can have

Seriously, i'm dumbfounded and i so pity guys and feel like crying for them. 
What has Nigerian babes turned into? No wonder guys don't trust girls anymore.
Guys, when you have a girl that loves and has just you as her man, hold her tight and don't let her slip.

What A Shame! K solo and wife continue with their marriage drama...

 Earlier this year in June, Kikelomo accused her husband, K solo, of wife battery..... and K.solo later denied the accusation

The recent development is that K solo did an interview in company of his wife claiming the whole accusation and denial of wife battery was only a movie and they apologized to their fans for taking them for a ride. 


Thou, from the interview, one could tell Kikelomo was not comfortable and their body language gave them away that something was just not right.....meanwhile, later on, Kikelomo tweeted that she was not an actress and couldn't have acted a film of that nature. 

Thou she is not a good actress, i'm just wondering why she even tried acting and pretending that all was well with them.....What a drama!....I pity her sha because this is just the part 1 for her.

Anyway, is it my ear that's deceiving me or it's K solo that doesn't know how to pronounce "Actually"?  rodflmfao......!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Nigeria Church Ban Women From Wearing Headgears And Carrying Handbags to Church.

In bid to prevent a reoccurrence of Christmas day bombing, St Theresa's Catholic Cathedral, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria, has banned women from wearing big headgears and carrying of handbags to Church Sunday services.

The ban which will take effect from September 9 was announced during Sunday service by Rev. Father Uche Obodoechina, the Cathedral Administrator.

According to him, the measure was introduced to ensure the security of worshippers. Big headgears sometimes make the identification of people difficult especially when women putting them on stayed together on a row during service.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Should Sperm be considered a "Marital Asset"?

The wife of a man who donated sperm without her knowledge has written a letter to Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority stating that in marriage, sperm donation should be a decision both parties should be involved in. 
According to her, in marriage, sperm should be considered "a marital asset". #uhm#

The woman calls for the law which allows sperm donation children to trace their fathers when they reach the age of 18 to be changed because it disrupt family life.

Thou donors are not obliged to obtain consent from their partners or get them involved in it but i agree with this woman because if she was considering being a surrogate mother, i'm sure her husband would want to discuss that and not think she doesn't needs his consent.

What's your take on this?

rodflmfao.....enjoy your evening with this and laugh it all


Swimming pool made in Naija

Poor kids....they are having so much fun lol

Genevieve Nnaji of Nollywood is engaged to who?

Nollywood Genevieve Nnaji tweeted this picture and caption it "Kisses especially for U".

Rumour monger bloggers are blowing their trumpet insinuating that Genny is flaunting her engagement ring.....
uhmmmm....the last time i checked, engagement ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand and in this picture, Genny blown a kiss with her right hand.
I guess our rumour monger bloggers have changed the tradition of engagement ring from fourth finger of left hand to fourth finger of right hand. lmao.....make una take am easy oh!!!!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Heart 2 Heart talk!

Dear men, do you prefer a woman that tolerates your cheating or a woman that doesn't?
Answer and give your reasons!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Can you guess who she is....?

26 years old Lindsay Lohan looked twice her age as she took a cigarette break while shopping at a vintage store in Venice.
Na wa's really sad as she has gotten old before her time and her sagging boobs makes me love my small boobs all the more.
uhmm....Gravity is winning!!! #lol#

A letter to my future self! :-)

Dear future me,
Don’t get yourself worked up over yesterday’s mistakes and heartbreaks; someday, you will be happy and you will have the life you dream of all the time. But today, you have to get through the hard times and heartache. The road of life is very long and bumpy; sometimes, you will hit a ditch or two and get stuck for awhile, but you will come out of it stronger than ever. Keep your head up and fight for what you want but don’t fight for things that aren’t worth fighting for. If it doesn’t bring anything positive to the table, leave it behind you and take it as another lesson learnt. Don’t let all those haters get to you, seriously, they are just jealous! You are a great woman that God has created you to be, so start acting like it and don’t ever settle for less than you deserve.
 The present me.

Ladies...,we have got a long way to go!

Thursday, 16 August 2012


South African police opened fire Thursday on a crowd of striking workers at a platinum mine, leaving an unknown number of people injured and possibly dead. Motionless bodies lay on the ground in pools of blood.
Police moved in on striking workers who gathered near the Lonmin PLC mine Thursday afternoon after urging them to give up their weapons and go home to their hostels and shacks. Some did leave, though others carrying weapons began war chants and soon started marching toward the township near the mine
The police opened up with a water cannon first, then used stun grenades and tear gas to try and break up the crowd.
Suddenly, a group of miners rushed through the scrub and underbrush at a line of police officers. Images broadcast by private television broadcaster showed officers immediately opening fire, with miners falling to the ground. Dozens of shots were fired by police armed with automatic rifles and pistols.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Nelson Mandela's grandson and heir is involved in love-triangle scandal

This is one of those stories we are used to watching in movies or reading from story books.
Nelson Mandela's home is in chaos as his grandson's wife had a child by another of his grandson.

A 38 years old Nelson Mandela's grandson and political heir, Mandla Mandela is involve in a love triangle as he discovered that his second wife Anais Grimaud had a child with one of his brother.

Mandla Mandela who is the public face of the Mandela's family and handles much of Nelson Mandela's legacy, married his first wife, Tanda Mabunu-Mandela in a traditional ceremony in 2004, six year later, he married Madame Grimaud who is from the island of Reunion, a French overseas territory in the Indian Ocean.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Pastor Chris Okotie Publicly humiliate ex-wife

According to some olofofo members of House Hold of God Church, on Sunday August 12th 2012, Pastor Chris Okotie threw caution to the wind as he publicly attacked his ex-wife, Stephanie Henshaw, comparing her to Jezebel of the bible and added that he was free to judge her because of what she made him go through and said he was never going to take her back even if she go to CNN or BBC to talk about him.
Source said he has also taken back the two expensive cars he gave to her when the going was good; a Benz S Class and a BMW X6.

#This man is selfish could he collect the cars from her knowing fully well that he can never pay her enough for all the time he had sex with her# Just thinking aloud!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Reasons why men say women totally change once in a relationship

“I miss the way we used to be.”,  “Where did the woman go that I fell in love with?”,  “You’ve changed.” These are painful things to hear from your partner, but many women do once a relationship has gotten serious. Have you ever noticed that often just as things are getting great, they fall apart? Just when you thought your love was solidified, it vanished? Well, the bad news is that it might be your own fault.

The first date
Everybody is on their best behaviour on the first date and that’s to be expected. You’re not going to show your odd tendencies around any stranger that you’re hoping to develop a friendship with, work relationship with or romantic relationship with. That’s just being polite. You’re not going to lay it out all on the table on date number one because that would just make you seem abrasive. But eventually, you have to cross that line.

SHOCKER: Jail terms for whoever smokes in his/her car in Nigeria

This is weird! 
Only in Nigeria people go to jail for traffic offenses.
Carefully check out the new Lagos State traffic laws before you go end up in jail for smoking in your car.
This country is a big disappointment, this is one of the reasons why some people deny being Nigerians.

OMG A Nigeria Basketball player denied being a Nigerian

Nigeria Olympic Basketball player, Al Farouq Aminu disclaimed Nigeria to TMZ.

I really don't know if i should call him stupid or insane. Even if he was born in America, does that change the fact the he is of a Nigerian origin because his father is a Nigerian?                                        The problem with most yankee people is that they don't know the difference between citizenship and place of origin. 

Maybe i should start saying i'm from Edo State and my Father is from Delta State. lmao

Anyway, if this guy has never visited Nigeria, how did they form the basketball team and how did they trained for the Olympic games? 
No wonder American basketball team whoop their asses, used them to set a world record and laughed to their faces.
What a corrupt Country we come from!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Nigerians with their limited mentality.....lwkmd

What do you think about this?

CBN plans to release N5,000 note into Nigeria economy

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is planning to release into the market on September 1, 2012, a N5,000 currency under it's ongoing currency and payment reform scheme.

The N5,000 single note will be the 5th currency to be introduced into the Nigeria economy in 13 years.

N100 note was introduced into the economy in 1999 by the then Governor of CBN, Mr Joseph Sanusi, followed by N200 and N500 that were introduced respectively in 2000 and 2001

In 2005, N1000 was introduced under the immediate past Governor of CBN, Professor Chukwuma Soludo.

It is speculated that the head of late president Umar Yar'Adua will bust the note as an honour to him for his contribution to the nation.

The CBN plans to make the currency a bit scarce unlike other currencies to ensure it does not disturb the volume of money in circulation or cause adverse effect of inflation.

Thou a top officer denied any such plans but let's keep our hands crossed and hope it's not true.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Peter Okoye of Psquare is expecting another child from his baby mama

Peter Okoye tweeted about expecting another child with his baby mama, Lola Omotayo.
They already have a son Cameron, who will turn 4years next month.
After all what they have been through this period, this is a good news to put a smile on their faces. Congratulations to both of them!

A Nigerian fraudster sent an apology letter to his victim after conning her.

Wonders will never end in Naija!!!

A Nigerian online fraudster apologized to 33 years old Sarah-Jane Green, a mother of four from North Yorkshire after buying her wedding gown from her with a fake Paypal account.
Mrs Green emailed him to express her fury after she found out that he tricked her, and he responded to the email.

This is what he wrote: "Am sorry, i'm not a bad guy, i don't know why am doing all this and i want to change,but it's difficult to do...who is gonna feed me? I have conscience for what am doing and i fear God. I know if i don't stop, i will end up in hell."

Juventus Coach gets a 10 months ban

Juventus coach Antonio Conte has been banned for ten months by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) for failing to report unsporting behaviour in relation to a match-fixing investigation.

Paris Jackson publicly bully former best friend

This is the picture of Paris Jackson and former BFF Spencer Malnik during happier times.
Paris got it into her head that Spencer was telling her secrets to the public and she told her almost 1 million twitter followers about it and they responded by bullying her alleged betrayer.

I'm not sure who Spencer Malnik is or what she did and didn't do but I think Paris needs a strong parental guidance because this is just not cool.

Below is her tweet and her followers response. 

Thursday, 9 August 2012

OMG!!! Unrecognizable Naomi Campbell

I never would have guess this to be Naomi Campbell.
The 42 years old ex-supermodel is unrecognizable as she displayed shocking bald patches while enjoying a holiday with her boyfriend in Ibiza earlier this week.
Experts think Naomi could be suffering from "traction alopecia" a hair loss condition caused by excessive use of extensions.
Aside the hair loss, she has got a great body and I hope to have such body at 42. #wink#

More of the pictures below....

Police nabbed a Prophet in armed robbery

Everyday for the thief and one the for the owner

Less than a month after tying the nuptial knot with his heart-throb, an Ogbomosho-based prophet has been arrested for alleged armed r

obbery. Residents of the ancient Oyo State city were shocked when Prophet Tunde Adeyinka, who also double as prayer warrior, was apprehended by the police. The satanic cleric who belonged to a white garment church had wedded Bunmi on June 29, 2012, exactly 30 days before he was unmasked.

Crimewatch investigation revealed that Adeyinka until his arrest, headed a deadly eight-man gang that had been terrorizing Ogbomosho and its environs while also wreaking havoc on motorists on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. The detectives that arrested the evil prophet from the Ogbomosho Area Command were led by Raimi Saka. When Adekinya’s office and home were searched, weapons including AK 47 rifles, dane gun, pump action rifles, and catridges were recovered. He allegedly prepared charms for members of his gang before going for any operation.

Lagos State enforcement officers attack media men

Everything about Nigeria Government sucks! 

Just imagine what Lagos State new enforcement officers did to this media man.

Nigeria Government is doing everything humanly possible to shut the media up. They don't want people to know how dubious and greedy they are. I think a law should be implemented to protect the Nigeria media men/women because this is so wrong.

What is your take on this?

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


I bet this dude drank some ogogoro and smoked some weed....because a normal guy with a clear vision will definitely not try this. 
Poor Usain Bolt.....too much weed has made someone turned him into a girl. #lmao#


What is Mr President staring at?

Hillary Clinton Danced Awilo In South Africa

Watch as Hillary Clinton got her groove on as she danced at a party in Pretoria, South Africa.
I love the way she rocked it!!!

Kogi State Governor wears a bullet proof to visit bomb victims

The governor of Kogi State, Idris Wada, wore a bullet proof while visiting injured members of the Deeper Life Bible Church in hospital yesterday.

At least 34 people were killed, including 16 children, on Monday night when suspected Boko Haram members opened fire at worshipers at the Deeper Life Church in Okene, Kogi State.

Just imagine how selfish he is...., he is the only one there that is wearing a bullet proof....maybe he thinks that will bomb proof him from Boko haram's bomb. #lol#

Nivea new CEO Lashes out at Rihanna's vulgarity

Rihanna signed a 1 year deal last year with NIVEA Cosmetics Company to be the face of their 100th anniversary year. And even though she looked sweet and innocent in the adverts, the CEO said her deal should have been a no-go area based on her vulgar music and image.

Stefan Heidenreich, the new CEO of Nivea's parent company Beiersdorf told German newspaper Welt: "Rihanna is a no go! I do not understand how to bring the core brand of Nivea in conjunction with Rihanna. Nivea is a company which stands for trust, family and reliability."

Watch this video and listen to what level America has fallen.

America used to be the land of milk and honey, listen to how sir Bernie Sanders exposed the illuminati at senate.

African Gold Medal Winner Dance Azonto

Watch as African Gold Medal Winner danced awilo or should i call this Azonto to celebrate
It's fun when hard work pays off.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Prove Me Wrong If You Can :-)

According to research, old people become childish in mentality. 

Proof: Charlie boy, 62, same pose as a new-born.

Nollywood loses another actor to death

The News going round the WWW has it that popular Yoruba actor, Hammed Odunla alias Dento, who has been hit with stroke for several months which kept him at the mercy of God for recovery is dead. 
Few months ago, there were calls for financial help for the actor medical bills and the call was heeded to by some Nigerians and Oyo State government, who donated some amount of money for the treatment of Dento. 
He was a tailor before he got introduced into the movie industry. 

May his soul rest in peace!!! 

See what micheal Jackson's daughter did with her father's pictures

In a rare display of affection for someone of her age, Paris who has gone through a tough time in the hands of her inconsiderate uncles and aunts, spared a wholesome three hours to decorate her bedroom wall with different pictures of  the most important person she will ever live to remember; her late father. 
Below is the picture she tweeted...

Nollywood Lilian Bach secretly marries Lagos Big Boy

Olofofo people has it that Nollywood actress, Lilian Bach has secretly married a Lagos big boy who hates Publicity in any form.

The lucky man named Mr. Alaka is a big time business consultant who has huge network only in high places. Lilian Bach who has been quiet and has not been seen in Nollywood circles for a while has moved in with her hubby in his beautiful multi-million naira valued mansion in Nicon Estate.
If the rumour is true, congrats babe!!!

Natalie Portman secretly weds Ben Millepied

Oscar-winning actress, Natalie Portman and her fiancé, Ben Millepied have tied the knot at a very private Jewish wedding held at their California home over the weekend.

The wedding ceremony started at 8pm and was witnessed by very few of the couple’s close friends and families.

The two met in 2010 on the set Black Swan, and since then they’ve been together and their first child together, a boy named Aleph was born in June 2011.

Wishing them the all best in their marriage.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Hilarious photo of the day!

Is this Lawful or is there something else beneath it?

The civil society has asked Edo state police command to release Rev David Ugolor over the alleged murder of Governor Oshiomole private secretary, late Olaitan Oyerinde.
I wonder why Rev David Ugolor is still in detention after the police paraded some armed robbers who they claimed killed Olaitan Oyerinde.
Is this lawful or is there something else beneath it that they don't want the public to know about?

What's your take on this?

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Once again...the fastest man on earth

Usain Bolt wins gold in 9.63sec at London 2012 Olympics.

Congrats Man!!!!!!